BluCore Handgun Evaluation

Handgun Evaluation

Designed for the new shooter and the experienced shooter alike, participants in our Handgun Evaluation class will have a chance to shoot a total of 100 rounds through 10 different handguns, including both revolvers and semi-automatics, in 5 popular calibers. A great class for new shooters looking to purchase their first handgun, or for experienced shooters looking to evaluate options before their next purchase.

The class is approximately 2 hours in length, and includes both classroom and range time. The time in the classroom will mainly be spent reviewing firearm safety and basic operation and also discussing the pros and cons of each handgun being evaluated.

Here is a list of firearms we will be shooting in the class:

.380 ACP: Ruger LCP, Glock 42

.38 Special: Ruger GP100, Smith & Wesson 642

9mm: Glock 17, Springfield Armory XD-S

.40 S&W: Sig Sauer P229, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

.45 ACP: Springfield Armory 1911-A1 ‘Loaded’, Kahr Arms CM45

Requirements: No previous firearms experience necessary. Use of firearms and all ammunition is included.

Price: $100

Cancellations: If unable to attend a scheduled training class, participants must cancel via this contact form or by phone. If a participant cancels before a scheduled class, or they miss a class without prior notice, they will be refunded 40% of the class. Students that give us notice can be rotated into the next available class. * Under extreme circumstances can a full refund be issued, approved by training management*.

What Our Customers Say

I loved the many types of different guns and calibers that were available. Great class!

I was very happy to actually live fire weapons, rather than just listen to what others think about them. The instructors experience with different firearms was very helpful.

Trying all of the different guns before purchasing my own was very helpful. The instructors were awesome! They answered all of my questions about which pistol would be best for me based on my individual need.