BluCore Low Light Pistol

BluCore Low Light Pistol

Many people are not aware that most shootings happen in low light conditions! In our Low Light Pistol Class we discuss the pros and cons of the hand-held light vs. a weapon-mounted light and the specific shooting positions and methods for both options. After covering the different techniques, we discuss light control, or light discipline and the importance of using the light to your advantage, we work through the different techniques in our classroom. On the range, we then practice with different drills using a variety of lights.

This course does NOT meet the training requirement to obtain a Colorado Concealed Carry permit and does not cover the assembly, disassembly or cleaning of a firearm.

Requirements: Previous shooting experience and familiarity with your handgun is required. You will need to have taken a pistol fundamentals class to attend. Participants will need a semi-automatic pistol, magazine and at least 50 rounds of ammunition.

Price: $75

Cancellations: If unable to attend a scheduled training class, participants must cancel via this contact form or by phone. If a participant cancels before a scheduled class, or they miss a class without prior notice, they will be refunded 40% of the class. Students that give us notice can be rotated into the next available class. * Under extreme circumstances can a full refund be issued, approved by training management*.