BluCore Pistol II

BluCore Pistol II

The BluCore Pistol II Class introduces students to tactical pistol shooting. We briefly review the basics from our Pistol I class (a prerequisite to taking this class) and then expand upon them. Students will begin drills from the “high ready” position and then progress to drawing from the holster. Also covered in the course: engaging multiple targets, forced and tactical reloads, strong/support hand shooting and shooting while moving. The drills we use and the skills we teach are employed by Special Operations Forces, Law Enforcement and competitive shooters. Each participant will be evaluated and timed on standardized tests at the end, qualifying them as beginners, intermediates or advanced. This course is approximately 3-1/2 hours long and includes a brief classroom period along with substantial range time.

While one of our ‘core’ training classes, this course does NOT meet the training requirement to obtain a Colorado Concealed Carry permit and does not cover the assembly, disassembly or cleaning of a firearm.

Requirements: This is an advanced skills class, previous firearms experience is necessary! Students will need to have taken the BluCore Pistol I class or a comparable course of instruction. Each student will need to bring a pistol, along with approximately 400 rounds of ammunition. Students will also need a pistol Kydex holster, magazine pouches, and at least 3 magazines. Students may bring their own ammunition or purchase from us.

Price: $200

Cancellations: If unable to attend a scheduled training class, participants must cancel via this contact form or by phone. If a participant cancels before a scheduled class, or they miss a class without prior notice, they will be refunded 40% of the class. Students that give us notice can be rotated into the next available class. * Under extreme circumstances can a full refund be issued, approved by training management*.

What Our Customers Say

Loved the drills performed under timed tests! Great class!

Great class, really enjoyed the tests at the end.

Awesome class and excellent instructors! Keep up the great work and continue teaching!