Our climate-controlled range
with a state-of-the-art ventilation
system, gives you a clean,
comfortable shooting experience.


Members can make range reservations online!

Find ‘zero’ before the big hunt
on our 100-yard indoor rifle range.


Members get a discount on all regular priced merchandise and training!

Members always
shoot free
at BluCore.


Climate Controlled Indoor Shooting Range

Our climate-controlled indoor range features a state-of-the-art ventilation system to ensure a comfortable, pleasant experience, regardless of the weather.

Denver’s Only 100-yard Indoor Shooting Range

Our 5-lane rifle range, with an electric target retrieval system is Denver’s only ‘Open to the Public’ 100-yard indoor rifle range!

Denver's Best Rental Gun Program

Nearly 100 guns to pick from! Try out a full-auto machine gun, or rent anything from a .22 pistol, all the way up to a .50 BMG sniper rifle.

Our climate-controlled indoor range replaces the air in the pistol range every 90 seconds and in the rifle range every 6 minutes, helping to ensure a comfortable, pleasant experience.  All exhaust air is run through a HEPA filtration system that ensures the air leaving our range is clean!

Our 12 lane pistol range is 45 feet long and is divided into an 8-lane bay and a 4-lane bay allowing us to run training events in one bay, while allowing regular range operations in the other.  The electronic target retrieval system allows shooters to set their targets at specific distances, in one yard increments, out to 15 yards.

Our rifle range has 5 lanes and offers Denver’s only 100-yard indoor shooting range that’s open to the public. With an electric target retrieval system and distance markings at 25, 50, 75 and 100 yards, you can sight your rifle in before the big hunt, or work on your long-distance marksmanship-without a lengthy drive, or dealing with bad weather.

We have Denver’s best rental gun program! With almost 100 guns to pick from, you can rent anything from a .22 pistol, all the way up to a .50 BMG sniper rifle. We also have fully automatic machine guns and a variety of suppressed pistols and rifles. Many of our rental firearms have the most popular optics and scopes, allowing you to not only ‘test drive’ the gun you are thinking of buying, but the optic or scope too!

All of our facility and training classes are available to everyone, but we also offer a great membership program for those who want to save on every purchase and be able to reserve lanes on our pistol and rifle ranges.  Members always shoot free, and always get a discount on every purchase of regular priced merchandise-including guns and ammunition.  We also run Member specials periodically, offering even greater discounts on select merchandise and training.