Gun Store in Denver, CO

Firearms for sale at our gun store in Denver, CO

Great Selection

We have a great selection of firearms, merchandise and ammunition. The products we carry have been proven, by us, to be reliable and to perform under the most challenging of conditions.

Tactical Gear and Accessories

Whether you are looking for ‘cost is no object’ gear, or you are on a tight budget but still want equipment that won’t let you down, we can help you find what you need.

Proven Firearms

With so many firearms to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one would be your best choice. Whether this is your first firearm, or you are adding to an extensive collection, our expert staff can help you make the perfect choice.

Our retail store features a wide variety of firearms and merchandise with an emphasis on concealed carry, self-defense and tactical firearms and gear.  We also have a large inventory of holsters for the most popular concealed carry and self-defense handguns.  And don’t forget, we also have ammunition in common, and not so common calibers!

Whether you are making your first firearm purchase, or you are a seasoned pro, our expert staff will help you evaluate which gun perfectly fits your needs.  Our large selection of rental guns, means you can ‘try before you buy.’  With nearly 100 guns for rent, you can test drive a number of different options before you buy.

Here are a few of the quality brands we carry-with many more available in-stock, and through our Special Order program:


Glock has a well-deserved reputation for building quality pistols for military, law enforcement, and civilians alike.  This is probably the most popular pistol among BluCore staff members-for good reason.  We have found them to be some of the most reliable and practical pistols on the market, with models catering to a variety of needs.



Sig Sauer has been a household name in the firearms market for decades. They manufacture some of the best double action/single action (DA/SA) pistols on the market, as well as a line of quality rifles. Some BluCore personnel, including our founders, have carried Sig Sauer firearms in combat, and speak highly of their performance and reliability under the most extreme conditions.  If you are looking to purchase a firearm that you will never outgrow, and will always offer the utmost performance, Sig Sauer should be a brand you consider.



Many people know that Smith & Wesson was first recognized for the innovative design and quality of their revolvers.  But now, they are also known for making some of the best, moderate-priced semi-automatic pistols and rifles, as evidenced by their line of M&P pistols and ARs.


BluCore was one of the first firearm retailers in the area to carry the Primary Weapons Systems (PWS) line and have been very impressed with how well they have performed.  PWS makes some of the finest piston driven AR’s on the market, as well as coming up with some of the more advanced developments to the AR platform in the industry.  Whether you’re looking for a rifle to use for recreational use and self-defense, or are looking for a patrol rifle for duty work, PWS should be on your list of ARs to consider.



Daniel Defense engineers and manufactures some of the world’s finest weapon systems, precision rail systems, and accessories. When it comes to the AR-15 platform, Daniel Defense is a brand that stands out.  Many BluCore staff members own a Daniel Defense AR and have had great luck with the quality of their builds.  If you’re looking for a top of the line production rifle, Daniel Defense should be high on your list.


A division of London Bridge Trading, LBX Tactical is a highly regarded manufacturer of military tactical gear.  Developed as a product line that would offer “military” quality gear with modern design and versatility, LBX offers a wide variety of products with the ability to mix and match components for endless custom load-out capabilities. Many of our staff rely on LBX gear and bags, and have had great luck with the quality and design of their products.


Born from the experience of military veterans, Haley Strategic Partners has brought together some of the finest weapon accessories and tactical equipment on the market.  We have found very little that compares to the quality and practical design that their products offer.  If you are looking for battle proven design, check out this gear!



If you’re in the market for a holster, Raven Concealment Systems has some great options.  Offering one of the best tactical style holsters on the market, they continue to innovate and develop their products in an effort to perfectly fit concealed carry or duty needs. Used by many of our staff on a daily basis-ask us which holster is right for you.



Emerson Knives are known for being some of the finest hard-use knives money can buy. Used across the globe by those who demand the best out of the gear they use, Emerson Knives are a quality tool that will serve you for years to come. There’s a reason their slogan is “Famous in the Worst Places.” Stop by and check out our selection of Emerson Knives.



Zero Tolerance Knives (ZT) are known for making overbuilt, durable knives for a variety of Every Day Carry (EDC) tasks.  From tactical use, to opening a letter, they will have a design that caters to each individual.  Carried by many of our staff as an EDC knife, they are trusted to never let them down.