BluCore Shooting Center Training Staff


Intermediate/Advanced— $100/hour
Beginner — $75/hour

*Lessons will be scheduled at the earliest convenience based on the instructors availability.
Gretta Strle

Alex Morgan

Lead Instructor

A disabled Army veteran with over 8 years of firearms experience, Alex was medically retired from the Army after being wounded. Specializing in private instruction for beginning to Advanced shooters with both rifle and pistol. An accomplished shooter, Alex has trained with Competition shooters, various local law enforcement as well as members of the Special Operations Community. His certifications include Expert Marksmanship badge, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Pistol Instructor, Red Rocks Police Academy, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care. He is also a Certified Smith and Wesson M&P armorer.


Paul Smith


Paul is a full time Law Enforcement Officer and has a passion for shooting. He received training many different areas including vehicle assaults, active shooters, low light tactics, combat casualty care, etc. and uses these skills on a regular basis as a Patrol Officer. In addition to being a 3 gun competitor, Paul also tests prototypes and complete reviews for various companies in the firearms industry. He is very passionate about teaching and will apply his knowledge and experience to make sure you get the most out of each class or lesson.



John Hess


John has served 8 years in the Army as a scout and a team leader and is a veteran of the recent Iraq and Afghanistan wars. John has taught advanced marksmanship and tactics to soldiers and airmen. He believes passionately in training with a focus on real-world weapons techniques with the speed and efficiency of techniques used by the competition sport-shooting community. He currently shoots 3-Gun, USPSA/IPSC and tactical rifle competitions. John is right at home teaching anything from beginner marksmanship to advanced lessons .



Nick Sealy


Nick has been teaching real-world handgun techniques for over 9 years and has had the privilege of both training and learning from military, law enforcement, competition shooters, and civilians along the way. Nick occasionally competes in IDPA/IPSC/3-gun style matches, but mostly enjoys endurance events and adventure races (his team won Survival Trial IV, a 24-hour adventure race with guns at the NRA Whittington Center). In addition to firearms, Nick has taught climbing, mountaineering, tactical rappelling, technical rescue, and emergency/wilderness medicine both professionally and as a member (and former training director) of Park County Search and Rescue. Nick is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, RSO, and a Wilderness First Responder.