2nd Amendment Concerns

At this point, we all know the results of the election. As they say, elections do have consequences. As a business, we don’t get involved in politics too deeply. But, from time to time we do feel the need to weigh in on 2nd Amendment issues.

Many of us know how difficult it is for gun owners in California. There is a limit on the magazine capacity and AR’s have fixed magazines. Plus, it is nearly impossible to get a concealed carry permit. All in all, not a 2nd Amendment Friendly State. There are some now in the Senate, namely Dianne Feinstein that are interested in re-introducing the assault weapons ban put in place during the Clinton administration during the 90’s. With the re-elected President Obama not being worried about another election, some of us are concerned that he may push the senate for this legislation.

Another huge concern is the UN Arms Treaty. Talks on this treaty were scrapped earlier this year because the current (and now newly re-elected) administration knew that it would hurt re-election efforts. The President and Secretary of State were both in favor of this treaty. With no concerns of re-election, it isn’t a far reach to assume that the administration will come out in favor of this measure. The premise is to regulate the international sale of arms. But the language of the treaty is a little bit scary. In short, other nations would have some control over the gun ownership of law abiding US citizens. We have written articles about this in the past. As we said, our forefathers fought and died so we could enjoy the freedoms we do. Not so the UN could regulate the freedoms we now enjoy.

These are probably 2 of the largest 2nd Amendment issues facing us at the national level. They are also the scariest. But, even though the NRA will hold all senators and congressmen accountable. In spite of the fact that the Democrats control the senate, they do not have a super majority. It is unlikely they would get the votes to re-enact the assault weapons ban. It is even more unlikely that the congress would, since is controlled by the Republicans.

It is even more unlikely that the UN Arms Treaty would ever be ratified. Even though our own President and Secretary of State would willingly see us loose some of our sovereignty, our senate is unlikely to agree. In order for a treaty of that nature to get ratified, it needs approval of 2/3 of the senate. This is HIGHLY unlikely.

All of that aside, we still need to realize our 2nd Amendment Rights are constantly under attack. The NRA and other organizations work tirelessly defending this right that our forefathers fought and died for.

Of bigger concern is the State of Colorado. In the late 90’s, we had the Columbine Shooting. Just last year, we had the Aurora Theater shooting. There are many now that think the newly elected and Democrat controlled state house / senate would push for legislation similar to California’s. These people have the misguided opinion that stricter gun control would decrease gun violence or violence in general.

The facts are not on their side. Statistically, the states with the highest amount of concealed carry permits have the lowest violent crime and home break ins. States in which concealed carry is difficult or next to impossible have the highest violent crime rates (see Illinois for example). And how does it make sense to make marijuana now legal and en-act more gun control?

What is the point of this? Good question. Even though the election is over, you still must remain vigilant and involved. Keep your senators and congressmen accountable for their actions. Stay informed on the national level issues. Keep a close eye on the local issues.

If only the cops have guns, it’s a police state! 

“Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust people with Arms” (James Madison)


— James Madison, The Federalist Papers

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