Biden Advocates Illegal Firearm Use for Home Defense

In an ABC News interview on February 20, 2013, Vice President Joe Biden advised a Parents Magazine reader to violate multiple state and local laws by squeezing off a couple of shotgun rounds if she felt her home and safety were threatened. When questioned several days later, he doubled down on his illegal advice by suggesting if the perceived threat was behind a closed door, all you had to do was blast away thorough it to neutralize the trouble on the other side.

Anyone even remotely familiar with the safe and lawful use of firearms knows that actions such as those suggested by the vice president are absurd and dangerous. It’s unsafe and illegal in most places to “take a double-barreled shotgun and fire a few warning shots up in the air.” It’s even more so with a higher-powered pistol or rifle. Not a year goes by without a report of some innocent person being killed or wounded by guns fired recklessly into the air, especially around the Fourth of July.  The suggestion to fire through a closed door or covered window violates one of the most important gun safety rules:  Know your target and what is beyond it.  Bad guy or not, how do you know there aren’t innocent bystanders there, too?

Irresponsible comments generally hail from people whose knowledge of firearm use and safety comes exclusively from TV cop shows and cowboy movies. Half of the stuff you see on film is fantasy. The writers and directors are more interested in dramatic visual effects than showing what really happens when a trigger is pulled.

While we may ridicule ignorance, it stops being funny when such statements come from the mouths of those empowered to make and enforce laws governing the ownership and use of firearms by responsible and law-abiding citizens. It’s downright scary when it comes from the person appointed to lead the president’s new Gun Legislation Task Force.

Safe and responsible use of firearms is a position strongly advocated by BluCore Shooting Center. We offer ongoing training classes on the safe, responsible, and effective use of firearms at our Lakewood, Colorado shooting center. The BluCore Shooting Center offersReal World Training, for the Real World.We have a robust firearms training program offering a variety of pistol training and gun safety classes, including concealed carry training. We also offer corporate training and team building experiences led by former Navy SEALs, Green Berets and Rangers.

A YouTube user made this video showing the VP’s interview that is mentioned above.  The video also juxtaposes shotgun recoil versus the negligible recoil from an AR15.  Some people might find it funny to see women knocked down by the recoil from shotguns, but firearms safety is no laughing matter; new shooters should ALWAYS be shown how to properly handle a firearm.  The point the video is trying to make, though, is a good one.  It highlights how AR15s are much easier to handle and they are a great self-defense weapon for women.  It also highlights the lack of knowledge and credibility of the politicians telling you how to keep your family safe.


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