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We are BIG advocates of the 2nd Amendment here at BluCore Shooting Center.  Following the tragic shooting in Connecticut last December and the predictable calls from the liberal establishment for gun control laws, we knew that the nationwide demand for guns would be on the rise.  But even we were surprised this time.

We have a brick-and-mortar retail gun shop on-site here in Lakewood, plus we help provide online purchasing power to over 70,000 guns and gun-related items and accessories through our online gun store. We’ve seen demand for self-defense guns and equipment go up over the last few years due in large part to political reasons, but the demand is so high in the last month or so that there simply aren’t any guns to be had.

It’s not just AR-15s and the high-capacity ammo magazines that you can’t get; they are the subject of most of the proposed laws so we knew there would be shortages there. But gun manufacturers and distributors are out of nearly every type of weapon in their catalog.  Handguns, concealed carry guns, tactical rifles, shotguns, small caliber and large – if we do manage to get a couple of guns that we have on order, they’ll be out the door almost as soon as they arrive.  We’ll keep trying to give the inventory you want, but right now we all need to be patient.

The gun manufacturers are trying to keep up with the demand, of course, but it has been so strong they have started a quota system with the retailers that limit how many guns we can get.  It’s even difficult to get firearms online because the manufacturers are shipping to the reputable brick-and-mortar gun dealers like us first, and whatever supply they have and we get is gone in seconds.

We know our local customers here in Colorado rely on us for their guns, ammunition, optics and accessories, and we want you to know that we are doing the very best we can to meet the demand. We’re high on the distributors’ priority list for shipments because we have a great track record and reputation, but for the foreseeable future the supply is going to be far less than the demand.

All of that being said, we do have a ‘special order’ system in place. It’s very simple and straight forward.  You simply come in to our retail store, let us know what you are looking to purchase, and we submit a price request for you.  If we can get it, we will let you know the price and the lead time (which can be several months in some cases).  To proceed with the purchase, you will need to put 50% down.  When the firearm arrives, we will notify you via phone or email.  Once you pass your background check, you pay the remaining balance and the firearm is yours!  If interested, please come inquire at our retail Gun Store.

Note:  The special order program does not apply to ARs.  This is because we have no idea of when they will be available or what the pricing will be when they do become available.

We also have an option on our online gun store to be notified when an item is back in stock.  It is not a formal “take-a-number” queue, so you’ll have to act fast when you get email notification that your item is available.  The same email notification will be sent to anyone who has signed up to ‘be notified when back in stock’ for a particular item.

In the meantime, stop by BluCore Shooting Center at 7880 West Jewell Ave. in Lakewood, CO, and take advantage of our extensive shooting range and our great lineup of tactical and self-defense gun training classes. Our highly trained instructors teach classes on pistols, rifles and shotguns, and we offer corporate training, private training and we even have gun training classes exclusively for – and taught by – women.

Come and see what the ‘Shooting Center‘ is all about. It is much more than a simple ‘gun range‘, ‘gun shop‘ or ‘firearms training center‘… is all of the above, in one facility! We think you’ll agree….we have “re-defined the firearms experience!”

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