BluCore Wilderness and Emergency First Aid Class

People of the Denver metro area are lucky to have access to the beautiful Rocky Mountain region right here in our own backyard.  If you ever find yourself hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, camping, or hunting in the backcountry, it is recommended that you have some medical training that will help you in the event that you or one you are with becomes injured in a remote area.  The BluCore Wilderness and Emergency First Aid class is designed to give the average person the knowledge and ability to treat various types of injuries that are common to the backcountry adventurer.  The class will cover assessment methods and emergency response techniques that will help you to be better prepared in a medical emergency whether you are in the mountains alone, or witness to a severe accident in the middle of the city.

Areas covered will include an assessment tool for managing immediate life threats, fractures, wounds, heat illness and cold injury.  Recommendations for first aid kits will be discussed. The ability to recognize and act quickly to remedy injuries can be the determining factor between life and death in the outdoors.  A simple but well thought out first aid kit can be conveniently carried in a day pack and can make a significant difference in your ability to treat an injury.  With the right creative thinking, you can often use gear that you have with you in the mountains to help create improvised splints and other devices that will assist in treating injuries.

This class is intended to increase the general knowledge and ability of the participant in the event of an emergency. No certifications or continuing medical education credits (CMEs) are awarded upon completion.

Instructor Bio: Joe Jones

Joe Jones served as a Green Beret in the US Army Special Forces for 8 years, where he specialized as a medic.  Joe completed multiple combat tours in Afghanistan, as well as numerous other deployments to other countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.  Joe is certified as an Advanced Tactical Practitioner, an EMT-B, a Wilderness EMT, and a BLS and ACLS provider.

For more information and to sign up for the class, please follow this link: BluCore Wilderness and Emergency First Aid

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