Brand New Site Functionality!

This post will probably be much less entertaining / exciting / controversial than any of our Firearms Training or Second Amendment posts. But, WE are excited about it and we think it is definitely worth mentioning.

We have added some great new features and functionality to our website and online gun store. These are things we’ve been wanting to do for awhile. A lot of YOU have told us we needed to have this. We agreed. We would have done it sooner, it just took a little longer to develop than planned.

What are the new features you ask? 

  1. Filter by in-stock only (allows user to see only in-stock items if desired / used)
  2. Dedicated cloud hosting (dedicated bandwidth = faster page load speed)

What are the advantages of these features? That’s pretty simple. Regarding the new filter, you can now click a box in the top right hand corner of product listings (see image above) w/in our online store. This will allow you to view ONLY the items we have in stock. This will save valuable time for those of you looking to see what he have and deciding whether or not you should buy it. Of course, we recommend also looking at items we don’t have in-stock. They will be in stock eventually. If you click ’email me when available’ you will get an email automatically as soon as it is available. This is something you have asked for. It is something we have wanted. It is now a reality. Please check it out on our online gun store.

Another really cool feature, though less obvious, is our new dedicated hosting plan. Ever since we started the new site and online store, we were sharing a server w/ a bunch of other stores. We didn’t know it, but EVERY month we used more bandwidth than allotted. This was actually costing us extra. Plus, b/c of the size of our site and all the great fans we have, our bandwidth was getting GOBBLED. Our page load speeds were REALLY slow. We had no idea why. Then, we were told about a new hosting program. This hosting solution gives us our own dedicated bandwidth. It will (or has) increased our page load speed dramatically.

The site is still slow sometimes.  There are a couple of reasons for this. We have a LOT of products on our site. The availability and pricing of those are updated every 5 minutes. It is HIGHLY likely that you will visit our site during an update. This will slow down your visit. A lot of those products have images. This also slows down the site. Furthermore, b/c we are more than an online gun store, our site has a LOT of information and cool pictures. This slows down the e-commerce side of the site. But we think it’s worth it so that you can see a lot of great images when looking at our classes.

Just a little site update. Again, not as cool as our ‘Force-on-Force Training‘ blog. Also not as controversial as some of our 2nd Amendment blogs. But still, it’s worth a mention.

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