Buyer Beware!

In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, there has been a steep increase in national / local gun prices. This increase is most prevalent on the AR-15 platform rifles. Some of this increase is due to simple ‘supply and demand.’ Some of it, however, is not.

We have heard from our customers that some of our local competitors (names will NOT be listed obviously) are double, if not triple the price on AR-15’s and AR-15 accessories! We have also heard of local gun shops raising the prices drastically on other firearms, gear and ammunition. Specifically, the price of bulk ammo as well as high capacity magazines.

Some AR-15’s that we would normally sell at $1,200 – $1,500 (when we had them) are now being sold locally anywhere from $3,000 – $4,000. Due to demand, many people are buying these products, even at this steep price. But, it is generating a lot of ill will towards the industry as a whole.

Has there been an increase in the cost we pay for these items? Yes there has. But not that steep. Are these items hard to get? Yes, extremely. But the increase in cost of these goods and the drop in supply / raise in demand is not enough to make up for these astronomically increased prices. In our opinion, some retailers are taking advantage of customers. There is a fear that these firearms won’t be available in 2013. This is a real fear (we’ve blogged about it here many times). These businesses have the right to price items how they want to. But you as a customer have the right to shop somewhere else!

In our opinion, stores that are doing this are giving the industry a bad name. They are also taking advantage of a very frightening situation. If they were TRUE supporters of our 2nd Amendment, they would not be doing this.

In some cases we have had to raise our own prices slightly due to the increase in cost we pay for the items. We have also had to raise the prices a little because of a drastic reduction in supply and a huge increase in demand. That being said, our overall intent is to do everything we can to keep our prices as reasonable as possible.

Our promise to our customers is to keep our prices consistent and competitive and not to take advantage of your emotions (fear) as our customers. We have placed multiple orders and we have had new shipments arrive each day. Some of these shipments include AR-15’s. Most of them include tactical shotguns and semi-automatic pistols. We even get more high-capacity magazines from time to time.

So come into our store and take a look at our prices. Don’t take our word for it, shop our prices. You’ll see that we are keeping our prices fair. We could profit more in the short term by taking advantage of this buying market. Or, we could take the long view and profit more in the future by making our customers our fans. As a buyer, beware. Shop around if you have the time. Be careful of those store owners that are taking advantage of you!

The BluCore Shooting Center will strive to keep prices of items in our gun store consistent and competitive. We will also make every effort to keep the prices of our shooting range competitive with other local ranges. Furthermore, we will continue to offer new classes in our firearms training program and more classes to meet the new / increasing need to get new gun owners safely trained!


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