Every Day Carry (EDC) – Blog # 2

We love the topic of Every Day Carry.  What do people carry and why?  The second blog in this series is written by another BluCore Shooting Center staff member detailing what he carries every day and some of the logic behind his choices. 

Every Day Carry

Every Day Carry Items:

(Left-to-right from top)

No, I don’t dual-wield two pistols along with three knives every day.  What you see here is a representation of what some of my daily carry items may be.  What I carry on me depends on what I’m wearing and where I’m going. While I encourage people to be consistent in what they carry, it’s just not always practical.  Strapping on my Crossbreed holster and Glock 19 when I’m wearing a pair of gym shorts walking my dog around suburbia doesn’t exactly work that well, but the small PF-9 in the Galco holster works just fine.  You must know your limitations with the gun you decide to carry.  A small single-stack 9mm or .380 isn’t going to be as useful to me in some situations as a compact or full size that is easier to shoot, more accurate, and carries more rounds.  My Kel-Tec PF-9 has always functioned very well for me and I know I’m very proficient with it from within five yards.  I’ve shot Glocks for over ten years and have trusted them as my sidearm in both civilian and military environments.  The Glock 19 is a gun that I can carry with me most of the time and can trust.  It’s not too large, is reliable, and has the capacity to hold 16 rounds.  The rounds I carry most of the time are Hornady Critical Duty.  This is a round designed to penetrate barriers and still have terminal performance.  I like the Critical Defense round as well, great for the typical concealed carry person but without the barrier effectiveness.  A new round I’m trying out and planning on testing is the Liberty Ultra Defense.  This is a 50 grain bullet that travels at 2,000 fps, really takes a noticeable amount of weight off of your overall carry package.


As you can see, there are a number of holster options I have.  Again, I encourage people to find one or two setups that work and stick with them for the sake of consistency.  I have the luxury of working around guns on a daily basis and get practice in with the different holsters I have.  The Galco Stow-n-Go is a very comfortable IWB (inside the waistband) holster that is super quick to get on and off or move around your waistline as needed.  The Crossbreed is a great IWB holster, but takes longer to get on and off and doesn’t work well with appendix carry.  My model of Crossbreed is very comfortable when not in the appendix position and has a Kydex mold on the outside which is molded for specific guns.  Werkz is a great holster company that manufactures IWB and OWB holsters out of Kydex – which is again specifically molded to the appropriate model of firearm.  Werkz can also manufacture holsters for pistols with rail-mounted lights.  The OWB Werkz holster can be used as a concealed holster with the appropriate cover garment and it really hugs the gun close to your body.


Inevitably there are times and places we aren’t legally allowed to have a firearm on us.  A knife is great tool that may also be our best weapon when we don’t have our pistol.  In most states a 3.5 inch cutting surface is the maximum that is legally allowed, which both of my folding knives have.  I like the thinness of Spyderco knives, they fit well into pockets without taking up too much space.  Benchmade is one of many great manufacturers of blades, I like having the half-serration to cut quick through tough objects.  The Benchmade dagger is a really great carry item I like to have when I can’t carry a firearm.  It sits very nicely in the normal appendix carry position and is easy to get to quickly.  The grip allows a firm hold with the blade protrudes between my fingers with my hand in a fist.  I encourage everyone that carries a knife to take the proper training on how to use it defensively.


I love my Surefire!  I cannot emphasize enough how important a flashlight is as part of your EDC.  For starters, you just never know when you may need a light for something – and it’s not always easy or practical to use the light app from your phone.  Even more important is that you may need to use the light defensively, either in conjunction with a handgun, or as a weapon itself.  Many defensive shootings happen in low, or no-light environments.  You may not be able to adequately identify a threat, or what is around your target, without a quickly accessible flashlight.  I love the Surefire LX2 Lumamax.  It has a two-stage pushbutton tail-cap and a high lumen count of 200.  The aerospace aluminum frame and beveled front edge make it extremely durable and allow it to be used as a striking weapon.  I have yet to find a place where I can’t have my flashlight with me.


As much as I like the iPhone naked, I’ve learned that it’s better to have the case to help protect against the dreaded pavement collision.  The Magpul case seems to protect the phone well, and is still slim enough to not feel bulky.  I like my two-fold Tumi wallet, for me the thinner the better – which means I’m not rolling around with a fat stack of cash in there either.  I like to keep my car keys separate from other keys.  If I’m car-jacked or someone takes my car key at gunpoint while about to get in the car, at least they aren’t getting my house keys as well.  I’ve had my Suunto Observer for many years and it’s literally been to war with me.  A great watch with just about all the features most people would need.  Don’t underestimate your belt.  Not just for the fact that you want your pants to stay up, but you need a good support system for your firearm.  Get a good belt that has strong sidewalls, which means your probably getting a belt specifically made to support a gun.  Galco and Blade Tech make belts for this purpose that work well.


The most important everyday carry item… a ‘combat mindset’.  With the right mindset and situational awareness you may just be able to avoid situations that otherwise may have been deadly to you or a loved one.  Avoidance and de-escalation should be on the fore-front of your mind.  It’s your mind that must function first if you do find yourself in a threatening situation.  Have a good and trained mindset from the moment you leave your house, and you will no doubt be bettering your odds of survival.


Let us know what you think. What are your thoughts? What do you carry? Please email us w/ your submissions and stay tuned to similar articles in the future!

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