Firearms Safety Class

When it comes to firearms, safety always comes first!  This is especially important where kids are concerned.

Kids are naturally very curious creatures.  That is a good thing in most cases, but it can be harmful or even fatal if the child has not been taught firearms safety.  They might not be aware of the danger a gun can pose when handled improperly.  In addition to that, a lot of kids play video games and may associate guns with fun, rather than realizing they can cause real damage.

A good way to teach gun safety to kids is to get the curiosity about the firearm out of the way.  BluCore is offering a Family Firearms Safety class that focuses on safety from both the parent and child perspective.  As a responsible gun owner, it is the parent’s responsibility to safely keep and store firearms.  It is also very important to make sure your child(ren) gain a “healthy respect” of firearms.  Make it a family affair to learn gun safety.  As many parents know, kids will often listen to others more readily than they will listen to their own parents, so learning about gun safety in a classroom environment can help drive home the importance this message.

This class isn’t just for families; all gun owners can benefit from it.  Gun sales have skyrocketed recently so it’s practical to assume that there are a lot of new gun owners out there.  Many of you welcome family and friends into your home for parties and celebrations.  You’ll want to make sure your firearms are stored safely even if you only have adults visiting your house.  In addition to that, you might have people who do work at your home, such as housekeepers, plumbers, and so on.  Adults can be just as curious as kids sometimes, so it’s in your best interest to learn how to safely store your firearms and ammunition.

Click here to register online for our next Family Firearms Safety class.  We hope to see you in class!


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