BluCore Transfer Procedures

FFL Transfers

Federal regulations require a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) transfer of a firearm when a party is purchasing from a “non-local” firearms retailer/reseller, or if a “private party” in one location is selling a firearm to a private party in another location. An FFL transfer’ ensures that anyone taking possession of a firearm passes a background check as required by Federal regulations.

In general, if a firearm has to be shipped to complete a transaction, Federal regulations require that an FFL transfer be completed.

Colorado state law requires a background check be completed even in the case of a “face to face” sale between private parties. However, BluCore Shooting Center does not offer face to face transfers at this time.


NFA Transfers

A similar, though much more complex process is required when someone is purchasing a firearm or suppressor that is regulated as a National Firearms Act (NFA) item. This transfer process requires considerably more paperwork and the period of time that the entire process takes can approach 12 months, or more.


BluCore Shooting Center can help you with your FFL transfer or NFA transfer. For information on both types of transfers, including pricing, please click on the appropriate button below.