Governor Not Sold on Mag Capacity Limitations?

We all now know about pending anti-second amendment legislation PUSHED through the Colorado House of Representatives. Soon, these new laws will be debated in the senate. Of course, we URGE you to contact your senator and others on this matter.

We also now know about the controversy that erupted when Rep. Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) made his horrible comments about rape and how college females should rely on ‘whistles and call boxes‘ and shouldn’t carry “because you just don’t know who you are going to be shooting at…..” Essentially, he implied that women can’t be trusted to defend themselves w/ a firearm. He later apologized for his comments.

There was another controversy as well.  MagPull, a successful Colorado based manufacturer of firearms accessories, threatened to pull up shop and leave town completely if a magazine restriction was passed.  They also said they’d move even if they were granted a waiver to manufacture.

Recently, it was reported on CO Public Radio that Governor Hickenlooper had not yet decided a position on the magazine ban and other laws. Quoting Colorado Peak Politics, the Governor is generally known as a pro business governor and quite in tune with the shifting winds of the CO electorate. It was also reported in the Denver post that if MagPul left, it would not only cost our state a few jobs and a few million in tax revenue.  It would essentially KILL the plastics mfg. industry in Colorado as well. (link to full article here)

Governor Hickenlooper also made comments that essentially give merit to our argument that high banning high capacity magazines would not only infringe on our rights, but also affect our ability to defend ourselves.

What does all this mean?  It means that it AIN’T OVER! We still have the senate committee and full senate vote. Keep contacting your senators. If it makes it thru that level, it goes to our Governor. If he feels the tide has shifted, he may not sign it. So start contacting him now if you haven’t already.

After all, earlier last week, gun control legislation in Minnesota was halted after extreme public backlash. Minnesota is more liberal than our fair state. If they managed to derail strict gun control law there….maybe we can have the same success here. See article the Star Tribune here….

Keep contacting your senators. Begin contacting our Governor. It isn’t over until it is SIGNED!!

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