Gun Control Coming?

Since Sandy Hook, the ‘gun control argument’ has been on a lot of people’s minds. It’s a very hot button issue. Either side is very passionate about their viewpoints.

Those for more gun control somehow think that limiting the law abiding citizen’s access to guns will reduce gun violence. Those against additional gun control measures feel that the only real solution for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, and they want to make sure the good guys have the best guns.

Some of us had thought the argument had begun to dwindle. No legislation was JAMMED through the congress right away. But now it appears that the White House and many Senate and House are looking to move forward with a comprehensive ‘anti-second amendment’ bill that would be much more drastic than re-instating the ‘assault weapons ban.’

In a recent article by the Washington Post, it was pointed out that the administration will also be trying to implement more gun control by executive order. In other words, our President will be looking to see what he can do that WON’T require approval in the Senate or House. (article here). This is the most scary aspect of new gun control. At least legislation will require approval by both the House and Senate. But if legislation doesn’t work, they could go as far as executive orders. Stay informed!

Another recent article talked about how the White House is very likely already in meetings w/ many mainstream media outlets. The mainstream media helps the administration by shaping it’s argument. They also try and guide voters opinions in favor of upcoming legislation. We saw it with health care reform. We will see it again soon (article here). The White House is gearing up for a fight against the NRA. They will be very careful in this fight. They’ll start by shaping the argument. This will be easy for them with full support of most of our ‘free press.’

What is the point of this blog article today? What can we as responsible 2nd Amendment Supporters do? WRITE or CALL your representatives. Keep up the pressure. Don’t assume that only one email to one representative is ENOUGH. Continue the pressure on your elected officials. It may seem like one voice is not important. That is not the case. Each one adds up quickly. So make a difference. If you’ve already written them, do it again! Let them know you are an adamant supporter of the 2nd Amendment and you VOTE!


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