Gun Control Won’t Work!

This year, our 2nd Amendment Rights are very likely to be infringed upon if we let them! It is important that we contact our elected officials and let them know that they do not have a mandate. It is also important that we as gun owners, shooters or even just enthusiasts are informed.

Today’s blog article is about the latter. There is a really bad stereotype that we are ‘gun nuts and hicks’ just because we believe that we have the right to keep and bear arms (as mentioned so eloquently in our Bill of Rights!).

There is also a feeling out there that “If we just had more gun control, we’d be able to curb all this violent crime. Maybe even we’d be able to curb the gun related crime.” Unfortunately, the people who make this argument don’t realize how ridiculous this statement is. They assume that laws will be followed by those who are inclined to break them (also known as criminals).

Our job is to help educate people. Gun Control has a very clear record of NOT WORKING. While trying to research today’s blog post, we came across this article, written by Tom Gresham. It’s a great article, and definitely worth a quick read (link to full article here.)

He asks a great question: “Over the past 20 years, the rates of violent crime and murder have dropped by half in the U.S., according to the FBI. That’s astounding. We have more guns and more gun owners, but the rate of violent crime and murder went down by half. Accidental shooting deaths also declined. How can this be?” 

He also gives a great answer:

  • Better education and firearms safety training
  • Arming citizens prevents crime

If you have a minute, take a quick look at his article here. It’s definitely worth a read. As he says “We all want to do something. But it’s foolish to return to a policy with a clear record of failure.”

As mentioned MANY TIMES before. We have no monopoly on good ideas. There are LOTS of people way more articulate and way better equipped to write about these issues facing us. We just wanted to share one such article today! Take a look and continue to inform yourself. It will come in handy when you get an opportunity to clearly articulate your opinions!

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