HB 1224 is Too Vague

In the last few weeks, as Colorado has rapidly advanced firearms legislation, each side has made a variety of arguments. We have argued here in our blog a number of these aspects. All are valid, but only ONE is important.

The reasons we (and many others) have argued against further infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights are numerous. Here is a short list:

  1. It will affect businesses. MagPul (one of the biggest around) will leave. Ourselves and other gun stores will have to change many of our firearms orders. There won’t be time to order ‘Colorado Compliant’ guns and we’ll have a hard time keeping the doors open b/c we won’t have any product to sell.
  2. It will affect our ability to defend ourselves. This has been the biggest point we have been making here. Criminals naturally will NOT follow this law. They will still be armed with the now illegal magazines. We (law abiding citizens) will not. The average person carrying a firearm for self defense can NOT be expected to calmly take a few accurate shots in a self defense situation. Even the trained person has difficulty doing this (in our personal experience). Limiting the amount of ammo we can put in our guns makes us less protected. End of issue.
  3. A black market will be created. In a state that is now legalizing marijuana to cut down on the black market and crime that goes with it, we are now making certain magazines illegal. To make them illegal and assume they won’t infiltrate our state is absurd. They will still be sold here…just not legally.
  4. The verbiage of the bill is too vague. This refers to HB 1224, namely the words ‘designed to be readily converted’ (or words to that affect). This bill could be passed w/ the best of intentions, and then be enforced differently in the future. To some, this bill could OUTLAW nearly all semi automatic pistols and rifles! As it is written, this bill is one of the most expansive anti gun bills in the US. As it is written, it is not only too vague, but nearly unenforceable. Many sheriffs here have already said they will NOT enforce it!
  5. This bill is unconstitutional. It is a blatant attack on our right to keep and bear arms.  Of course, both sides have their own legal experts weighing in on this one. In our 2nd Amendment, (posted below) there is no mention of hunting, business, or even self defense. Our 2nd Amendment is in place because those who founded our country knew that a well armed citizenry would not be subject to tyranny.

Today we focus on point #4. The verbiage in this bill is just too vague. Some will read it one way, others will interpret it another way. That is just TOO scary. We can NOT leave the valuable RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR ARMS up to the interpretation of others. Just because this governor has assurances that HB 1224 won’t outlaw the all semi automatic firearms / magazine fed firearms is NOT good enough. What about the next governor and others to follow. How will they enforce it? That answer needs to be much clearer before we continue. All legislation MUST be looked at thru that lens.

In the future, we will write a blog addressing issue #5.  Which, in the end, is the most important of these issues. For now, please contact our Governor. It has been said that his mind is made up. We like to think it has not. Contact his staff.  Let them know you are OPPOSED to HB 1224 and any other bill that infringes on your right to keep and bear arms!! Mention that the language in this bill is just way too vague!

Contact the Governor’s staff IMMEDIATELY and let them know YOU want the Governor to veto HB 1224 and all others: 

• Roxane White – Chief of Staff
(303) 866-2471 Email: roxane.white@state.co.us

• Lorez Meinhold – Senior Policy Advisor
(303) 866-5856 Email: lorez.meinhold@state.co.us

• Doug Young – Senior Policy Advisor
(303) 866-5465 Email: douglas.young@state.co.us

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

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