Keep Fighting For Your Rights

We love hearing that so many of our customers and fans are writing letters to their representatives now that our Second Amendment rights are being challenged more than ever.

A BluCore fan shared one of her letters with us, and we wanted to share it with you.

Dear Mrs. Obama,

 I want to talk to you, woman to woman.  You are a mother of two young girls and so am I.  Let’s imagine you weren’t where you are at now.  Let’s say you are still living on the south side of Chicago in a bungalow.  Your husband is off at work one night and you and the girls are home alone.  Someone is banging on your front door, but you don’t answer.  A minute later you hear glass breaking.  You call 9-1-1, but it could be at least 5 minutes or more before someone arrives.  You need help now!  How would you protect yourself and your children in this situation?

Men are typically larger and stronger than women.  How can the average mom protect herself and her family against an intruder or several intruders?   A gun is known as the “great equalizer” for a reason.  It allows the frail, the elderly, the disabled, and the “weaker sex” to protect themselves when there is a disparity in force.  When someone has malicious intent, sometimes we need to protect ourselves with something a little stronger than a stern look. 

 Take a moment to think about it.  What if no one was around to help you?  No Secret Service, no staff members, no one.  What would you do in this situation?  I know we all like to think we would be ninja warriors, but that is not reality.  I bet if you talked to some real women in our country (not the ones sourced for you by staffers), you may be surprised at what you hear.  Every day, there are women around the country who are stalked or threatened by strangers and by people they know.

The gun ban bill that Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced is way over the top in its restrictions.  Her bill will solve nothing!  It will be great for the criminals who do not respect the law, since they know they will have a country full of sitting ducks.  Those of us who respect the law will be the ones who are harmed by this bill. 

I am writing to you because I hope, as a woman and as a mother of two girls, you can understand why it is important that other people, especially women, should have the freedom and ability to protect themselves.  If you add up all the women who have been raped, beaten, maimed, or murdered in any given year, it would far outweigh any of the tragedies that are highlighted in the news.  It just happens one at a time rather than all at once.  Does that make it any less tragic?  No. 


(name withheld)

This fight is not going to end anytime soon, so we hope you all will continue calling and writing your representatives in support of our Second Amendment rights.  Keep up the good fight and let us know if you come up with any creative ways to ‘cut through the noise’ and reach your reps.


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