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Awhile ago, we were approached about offering training on things ‘other than firearms.’  So, we developed our Combat Mindset class. This class was very well received and we plan on getting it back on the calendar soon. Then, we were approached by Mr. Jeff Black of ESR.  His class, Tactical Knife Options, is based on a class he developed for Colorado Law Enforcement officers. He is currently the ONLY person to get a knife training class to be POST Certified.

Now, he is teaching a version of that class here at the BluCore Shooting Center. Many of us carry a knife.  How many of us have any idea how to use it as a weapon? There are simply times you CAN NOT carry your firearm or it doesn’t make sense to carry a firearm. This class will make you more confident in your knife skills and more competent w/ a knife in your hand.  Below, you will see a review of this class by one of our own employees:

“Tactical Knife Options is an excellent class for anyone who does not, or cannot, carry a gun on a daily basis. This class covers the legalities of carry a knife (open vs. concealed, blade length, etc.) and the legalities of using a knife in a self-defense situation. Jeff Black is an excellent instructor, with a very solid course curriculum. This class has been taught to a large number of Law Enforcement officers and civilians, so the material is well planned, well prepared and well delivered.

But TKO is more than a lecture, there are a number of excellent hands-on drills covering the various grips, attack types and lines of attack, as well as the covering the different  anatomical targets that can effectively neutralize a threat. Easily 60% or more of the class is hands-on, with both fixed and folding training knives. It was all very easy to learn, and all of the drills can be done at home, with or without a partner, so the skills and techniques aren’t lost over time.

There is a fair bit of physical activity involved in this class, so appropriate shoes and attire are a definite plus. Having taken this class, I feel much more comfortable when I have to carry a knife rather than a gun, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in learning a new tactical skill set, without hesitation or reservation.”

Having been to a few different knife fighting / knife defense classes, I can honestly say this one is great. The curriculum is simple and focuses on the use of gross motor skills. The instruction is top notch and presented in a logical fashion. We are VERY happy to be offering it here at the BluCore Shooting Center! Plus, it allows us the chance to offer another class w/out needing to close our shooting range….an obvious plus!

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