Low Light Pistol Class

BluCore Shooting Center is offering its Low Light Pistol Class this Wednesday. This is a great opportunity to shoot a variety of drills in a low light / no light situation. Many people have firearms lights, but most people do not get to practice with them. We strongly recommend to ANYONE that has a weapon light on their home-defense firearm to get some good repetition with the weapon and weapon light system.

There are lots of great options for Low Light situations. Some use a stand alone light. Others prefer the weapon mounted tactical light. Each of these are great options. Each of them require different shooting techniques.  Don’t just have or carry a flash-light…..know how to use it!

We start in our classroom. We discuss light discipline and different techniques for using the light.  We do a dry-fire / grip session in the classroom w/ a variety of light systems.

Then, we go to the range, which just so happens to be Denver’s best ventilated gun range. On the range we go thru a variety of drills to reinforce the skills and techniques taught upstairs in our classroom.

If you want to feel more confident with your firearm in a low light situation, this class is for you. Come and give it a try.  BluCore Shooting Center has the best selection of combat proven firearms instruction. We also have a great selection of tactical flashlights in our retail store. Of course, it’s always a lot of fun and a great opportunity to shoot your desired firearm w/ your preferred tactical light on a gun range.

Our Low Light Pistol Class is just one more example of how we are always “re-defining the indoor firearms experience!”

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