More reaction to HB13-1224 & HB13-1229

By now we all know what happened yesterday in the house committee meeting here in Denver.  We’ve heard it all before.  Many people don’t have issues w/ requiring all sales to be subject to background checks.  More of us have an issue w/ a 10 round magazine restriction. But yesterday, we laid out pretty good arguments against both of these.  Click here to read.

Last night, during the State of the Union address, our President mentioned gun control again. He refers to the Senate bill that will ban certain guns, high capacity magazines and require universal background checks on all gun transfers.

The NRA lays out a really good response to this. Many in the voting public don’t have a problem w/ any of these. They think (wrongly) that it sounds reasonable. But, we must look at history. All of these are a very large step down a slippery slope to tyranny. Chris Cox lays it all out pretty quickly here.

To summarize, Obama’s own experts don’t feel that ANY of these measures won’t work w/ out additional measures. These are just the first steps. What follows is even more scary.  All of this is according to an internal Justice Dept. memo (which is referenced in the NRA video linked above).  According to the Justice Dept:

  • Gun bans won’t work w/out mandatory gun ‘buybacks’ (if it’s mandatory, it’s considered confiscation)
  • Universal background checks won’t work w/out national gun registries (huge invasion in privacy)
Do you still think these are reasonable steps? Obama’s OWN JUSTICE DEPT lays out the plan ahead. The measures they are taking (or trying to) are dangerous steps in the wrong direction.

Gun control is such a hot / emotional topic right now. Don’t let emotion drive your arguments. Use common sense and facts. Educate yourself and others. The fact that our elected officials on BOTH sides refer to ‘magazines’ as ‘clips’ can only mean they are NOT educated. Help educate them!  Educate others at the same time!

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