New Senate bill to allow teachers to carry?

Colorado legislators are discussing a bill (Senate Bill 13-009) that would allow teachers to carry concealed handguns into their classrooms. Current laws bar this practice at ANY public K-12 school.

Increased gun control has been the topic of discussion nationally. The conversation has been dominated by new rules / controls that would attempt to limit access to firearms. This bill is much different. It actually would allow qualified teachers to carry concealed firearms into their classrooms.

“It’s clear that the current policy of gun-free zones and banning guns isn’t working,” said Greeley Sen. Scott Renfroe, a Republican sponsor of the bill. “Let’s be honest and take the emotion out of it…. It’s a signal that someone has the time to get in and do whatever criminal act and evil they want to do.” (link to original store here……)

Obviously, a bill of this nature will face a very up hill battle. Republicans are outnumbered by Democrats in the State Senate. It is more likely that the Democrats will be pushing for increased GUN CONTROL, not looking at measures like this which. Furthermore, Boulder Representative Clair Levy (Democrat) has introduced legislation that would explicitly BAN firearms from college buildings. Obviously, this is a step in a much different direction than Senate Bill 13-009.

What are your thoughts on this bill? We protect our airports, government buildings, military bases, banks, jewelry stores, armed cars and POLITICIANS with guns. Would it not be prudent to protect our KIDS with guns as well? Our kids sit in schools most of the day. Schools are ‘gun free zones.’ To some, this is an easy target. Would allowing teachers to carry be a prudent step?

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