No AR-15’s used at Sandy Hook?

The Sandy Hook Massacre was a horrific event. It has undoubtedly changed our nation in a lot of ways. Prior to this tragedy, the  President and many of his Democrat allies left the issue of ‘Gun Control’ alone. They felt, at the time, it was not politically expedient to go after our firearms.

In the wake of the tragedy, they have changed their position. There has been new legislation proposed to ban assault rifles and high capacity magazines. We’ve already talked about why / how this new legislation WON’T WORK in this blog.

Those looking to advance an ‘Anti-2nd Amendment’ Agenda used this tragedy in hopes to move their ‘gun control’ forward. They know that we as Americans have very short attention spans. If they don’t act soon, their window of opportunity will have passed. As Rahm Emanual has said “Never let a crisis go to waste!” 

In the wake of Sandy Hook, one firearm in particular was demonized. This weapon we were told was used at Sandy Hook and in COUNTLESS other mass shootings. We were also told this ‘military style weapon’ isn’t something that law abiding citizens NEED! In previous articles, we told you why we do in fact need AR’s and high capacity magazines.

But, new information has come to light. It now sounds like the firearm they were trying to demonize was in fact NOT used in the Sandy Hook shooting. Here is a link to NBC saying as much.

Has there been ANY outrage? Why is this NOT bigger news? 

No, there has been very little outrage. It doesn’t matter to most in media. As they say, “Never let facts get in the way of a good story.” Why is this not bigger news? The answer is simple: IT DOESN’T FIT A CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED NARRATIVE! 

What can we do about this? The answer is simple. Inform others. Remember to tell them that the AR-15 was in fact not used at Sandy Hook. Also, check out this blog article here. Rifles are used less often to kill then bare hands, blunt objects or knives. (Knives are used 5.24x’s more often than ALL rifles combined and Hands / Feet are used 2.25x’s more often then ALL rifles combined… on the link to see more).

Knowledge is power. This argument has only begun. Continue to contact your elected officials. Let them know that they in fact DO NOT have a mandate to infringe upon your 2nd Amendment Rights! We’ll continue to provide information as we find it out. Obviously, this is a big deal. It should have gotten a larger mention……

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