Perspective on Gun Violence

We are doing a series of Gun Control related blog posts. We are writing these articles to help keep everyone informed. A lot of this information is sent to us by fans and customers, just like you.

Today’s article is about perspective. We need to put the gun violence in this country into perspective. Yes, guns are used every day to hurt or kill others. And yes, in many cases, these firearms are used illegally for those purposes. We all own guns to use to defend ourselves. But we also acknowledge that evil exists and people will sometimes use guns for evil.

Gun violence is very real. But, it’s also blown out of proportion. In other words, gun violence or stories about gun violence are ‘sensationalized’ and used to push thru an ‘Anti-2nd Amendment’ agenda. Below are some facts that will help put the gun violence into the proper perspective:

  • In 2011, rifles were used 323 times to kill people. This includes both hunting rifles and AR-15’s
  • In the same year, Shotguns were used 356 times to kill people. This includes both tactical and hunting shotguns.
  • In that same period, 1,694 people were killed with knives! In other words, approximately 5.24x’s as many people were killed by knives than rifles, including assault rifles!
  • In that same period, 728 people were killed with ‘hands, fists or feet!’. This is approximately 2.25x’s as many people than were killed by rifles (including assault rifles).
  • There were a total of 8,523 gun deaths. That is too many. Roughly 6,220 came at the hands of hand-guns.
  • In that same period, 9,878 people were killed in DUI related car accidents. This is approximately 1,300 more people than those killed by ALL firearms COMBINED!
  • (firearms related crime information courtesy of the 2011 FBI U.C.R., uniform crime report)
  • (drunk driving fatality data courtesy of M.A.D.D. website and 2011 report)
Just recently, we learned another alarming fact. More people are killed each year by hammers and clubs than by all rifles combined! Wow, that seems alarming. Perhaps a background check at HomeDepot prior to purchasing the new Stanley or Husky brand hammer would be in order??? (article here)

The use of ‘Assault Weapons’ (incorrectly named) is REALLY sensationalized. Anytime a criminal uses one, it’s front page news. You’d think that people roamed the cities using these weapons on a nightly basis based on all the news stories we hear. But here is another under-reported fact:

At this point, you must be saying “Wow, all of that is pretty shocking!” We agree. Based on the news we watch, you’d think that people are killing each other in record numbers! Seems pretty scary out there huh? But what is really happening is simple. Gun violence or stories of it are being sensationalized. The media, which is mostly in agreement w/ EVERY policy put forward by a certain political party, is a big driver of this phenomenon. Yet, they refuse to highlight cases in which guns saved the lives of individuals or families. (we’ll do a separate article on that later…..).  Here are some more interesting data points:

  • In 2009 59% of ALL gun deaths were SELF-INFLICTED!
  • This is according to the CDC report at that time.
  • (link to original article here)

All of this is further proof that Gun Control is NOT about safety. If it was about safety, we’d look first at preventing knife deaths over deaths caused by assault rifles. We’d also be much more strict on drunk drivers. It’s about control. It’s about pushing forward an agenda that some people have always wanted. They are taking advantage of a tragic situation to advance that agenda.

As Mr. Rahm Emanual has said “You never let a crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that, it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Those in favor of gun control embody this position. Perhaps Mr. Emanual should take a look at the success of extremely strict gun control in the town he is the Mayor of. In spite of their draconian gun laws, they still experience an extremely high rate of violent crime, specifically gun related crime (article here).




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