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Last month, you probably saw the shocking video (warning: graphic video) of a woman in New Jersey being brutally beaten in her home by an intruder right in front of her 3-year old daughter. Her doors were locked but he kicked down the door, came inside her home, and proceeded to viciously attack her before stealing her jewelry. Unfortunately, home invasions happen all the time, all across the country. That is why we have added a Basic Home Defense class to our training curriculum.

In this class, we teach the fundamentals and tools necessary for first-rate home defense. You’ll learn about many topics including alarm systems, home defense firearms and ammunition, and door/window security features. Ideally, these tools will help to keep the bad guys out of your house, but there is always a chance that you may come across a determined intruder who does not give up easily. That is why we also discuss safe rooms, barricading, and other ways to protect yourself and your family if an intruder has entered your home.

Please join us Monday, July 22nd, at 6:00 p.m. and learn how to develop and implement a good home defense plan.  Sign up online now and join us Monday at the Black Site (directions will be emailed to you).

Here is a customer review of the Basic Home Defense class:

“This class covers many areas of home defense that most people probably don’t think about on a daily basis. It starts with a review of sobering crime statistics and broad concepts, then focuses in on details. There are so many things you can–and must–do to protect yourself and your family. Eric and Jeff do a great job. I’m am looking forward to the Home Defense Pistol class.”

Video still from the nanny cam video of a NJ woman being attached in her own home.

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