Repealing House Bill 13-1224?

By now we are all VERY much aware of HB 13-1224. Of all the bills recently passed in CO, it’s one of the worst on it’s surface. This bill, when enacted, will ban the manufacture and transfer/sale of magazines in excess of 15 round capacity. This bill goes active on July 1st of this year!

This bill hurts business here in CO. For starters, a very successful and nationally known company in MagPul Industries is (or has) pulled up shop and left town. It took its jobs and revenue to the state treasury along with it. We really wanted to expand in CO. Our range is pretty busy all the time. We still may have another range / retail / training operation here (someday).  But for now, we have to look elsewhere. More importantly, this bill does NOTHING to address the crime. Our representatives signed a bill that will NOT make us any safer. Criminals, by definition, won’t follow the law. It will only hurt those of us who do! The scariest part of this bill is how poorly it was written. It’s so vague. It’s just too likely that other enforcement agencies could interpret it different than the current administration. So now, we got a bill that is:

  1. Poorly written and very vague
  2. WIll not reduce crime
  3. Hurts our state from a business aspect

What are we to do about this? It doesn’t seem likely that we’ll be able to repeal this bill through the legislative process. We may gain some seats or even retake the state House or Senate. We may even have a chance at regaining the governor’s office (with the right candidate of course.) This is ALL pretty unlikely.

What about fighting it in the courts? Could it be struck down in our judicial system? In our opinion, this is possible. After all a bunch of State Sheriffs are suing. They’ve already decided NOT to enforce this HORRIFIC piece of legislation. All of that aside, it is still very unlikely to win in court (though possible….don’t lose hope!)

What does that leave us with? What other recourse is there? We here a lot of people giving up. They think there is nothing left to do but move!!

Just last week, we had a VERY interesting and exciting call with the folks at Put it to the People. They have a very interesting way of repealing this new bill. They propose the use of a ballot initiative. They intend to gather signatures, starting on June 1st (specifics are subject to change). If they can gather the necessary 185,000 signatures, they can put their measure on the ballot. If passed, it would make HB 13-1224 essentially null and void! This group has done their home work. They already have the language approved in state level hearings. Very exciting news! Unfortunately, it sounds like they can’t put it on the ballot until 2014. Let’s just hope we all still remember then exactly how upset we were right after HB 13-1224 (and others) were signed into law. For more information, please check out there site here!

Here is a snippet from their site:

“Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado:

In the constitution of the state of Colorado, article II, add section 32 as follows:

Section 32. Gun magazines – no limitation or restriction.

No law, except a law enacted by a vote of the people, shall restrict or limit the right of the people to purchase or possess ammunition storage and feeding devices of any capacity.”

Pretty fascinating…and, they have done their homework. To us, this represents one of, if not THE BEST HOPE we have for repealing HB 13-1224.

What does all of this mean? What are we to do in the meantime? 

Simply put: stand by. When we spoke with them it sounded like they will be launching in earnest on June 1st. They’ll be at Gun Stores, Gun Shops, Gun Ranges and even the Tanner Gun Show. They’ll be at these places with clipboards in hand getting signatures. We’ll have them at our facility, or volunteer a few of our own folks to collect signatures. When you see these people, PLEASE SIGN THEIR PETITIONS! They need 185,000 signatures. It would be AWESOME if they got even more. Again, this represents one of the best hopes we have in repealing HB 13-1224. It can’t come soon enough.

You can learn more about them here on their website / blog: 

You can also follow them on FaceBook here:

They are looking for funds and volunteers. We need to support this effort. If you can, support them either financially or as a volunteer. At the VERY least, please help pass the word. Let’s help them get those 185,000 signatures!!

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