San Antonio Theater Shooting

Last week, we heard a story about another Theater Shooting. Being in Colorado, we are ALL very familiar with how bad a theater shooting can be. Many theaters (and other businesses) do NOT allow law abiding citizens to carry concealed. To some criminals, places such as these offer much softer targets than others that do allow it.

Of course, when we first heard about this Theater Shooting in San Antonio, we obviously feared the worst. We also wondered why we had not heard more about it. Why wouldn’t this be a lead story on all national news networks? With the recent anti-gun rhetoric, you’d think it would have been.

But this story has a better ending than the Aurora Theater Shooting that happened here in Colorado. After shooting one person in a restaurant, the criminal followed patrons to a theater as they fled for safety. This criminal probably didn’t expect much resistance as he gave chase. Fortunately for ALL those in the theater, there was resistance. This resistance came in the form of an off duty deputy. She pulled out her gun and shot the criminal 4x’s.

The national media is treating this as if it never happened. It was only given any real coverage locally. She is being given a medal (or probably has by now). This story didn’t make much news. Link to story here…..


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