Shooter Profile #1: Rachel Allon

Today’s blog article is a follow up to our series, “The New Face of Gun Ownership in America.” You can read more about the blog series here, and view a short video of Rachel’s interview on YouTube.

We are very excited to bring you our first shooter profile as part of this series. Today’s ‘Shooter Profile’ is about a local Denver resident that we feel really captures what this blog series is all about. Rachel Allon is not the stereotypical gun owner / shooter. She definitely does NOT fit the mold that some in our media and pop culture constantly perpetuate. She does, in our mind, fit the mold of the modern gun owner. Enjoy our Q&A with her below!

Name:    Rachel Allon

Age:       34

Home:    Denver CO

The New Face of Gun Ownership in America
BCSC: How long have you been shooting?

RLA: 7 years.


BCSC: What got you into shooting?

RLA: I went with a friend to a gun range while living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He had a compact .40, not the best learning gun.  However, I was instantly fascinated and started visiting the range on my own.  I asked a million questions and everyone was patient.  I wanted to learn how to break down and care for a gun before I bought it.  I offered to clean their range guns.  It also seemed important to know what each gun could do before I jumped in.  I didn’t just want to buy the first peashooter or big blaster I came across.  I’m glad I took the time to figure it out.

I’ve become a much more proficient shooter since taking lessons at BluCore.  And the challenge to get better has kept me coming back for more.  Anyone can hit paper and even be close to the bulls eye, but to get really fast and accurate could be a life long venture.


BCSC: What type of shooting do you do the most?

RLA: Handgun and Clays.


BCSC: What types of ranges do you like to shoot at?

RLA: Indoor and outdoors.  Colorado has some incredible options to choose from.  BluCore is the only indoor range I’m comfortable visiting.  I’ve been to a few others and they are poorly ventilated or not well lit, and sometimes draw the wrong crowd.  For outdoors I visit Golden Gun Club or Quail Run.  I also really like to shoot at the Minturn Gun Range in the mountains outside of Vail, Colorado.


BCSC: Do you have a concealed carry permit?

RLA: I just submitted my application!  Due to the new gun laws in Colorado, the office has been overwhelmed.  It took two months to get the appointment and they warned me it could be up to 90 days until I receive my permit.


BCSC: If so, what type of gun do you conceal?

RLA: It will be a 9mm Springfield XD.


BCSC: Do you have a gun at home for self-defense? What kind?

RLA: Yes.  Several handguns, shotguns, and rifles.  Vintage and new.  It would not be a good house to break into.


BCSC: Are you a hunter? 

RLA: I am not.  I’m a vegetarian.  No, really I am.  I don’t have any problems with hunting.  I have two uncles in California who are bow hunters and my finance is an expert bird hunter.  If you can kill it you should eat it, and you should only kill what you can eat.


BCSC: What is your political affiliation, if any? 

RLA: I’m a registered Democrat.  Fiscally conservative and socially liberal. However, I am absolutely not a liberal.  I think the bi-partisan gridlock is distracting and I’d probably vote more Republican these days.  Regardless of political views, I believe in America.


BCSC: What is your favorite gun to shoot?

RLA: Impossible question.  I absolutely love working on speed and accuracy with my 9 mm.  I also think shooting clays is such an incredible experience.  It’s like playing golf with a shotgun.  The multiple stations and clays that mimic birds or other animals is excellent for becoming proficient.  It’s also nice to be outdoors.  I like the challenge of developing solid skills with both my 9mm and shotgun.


BCSC: What is the next gun you’d like to get?

RLA: .40 or .45 caliber to take with us on camping adventures.  When going backcountry in Colorado it’s advisable to have a weapon.  I’d also like to get an AR.


BCSC: What are the best reasons to learn how to shoot? 

RLA: Independence.  The ability to handle and manipulate a weapon makes you a harder target.  Common safety precautions and common sense are your best defense, but a weapon adds a layer of confidence and security.

I also think the best reason to learn to shoot is that it’s a lifelong skill;  similar to learning how to sail a boat, grow a garden, bake a cake, ride a horse.  It’s something you learn and take with you.  There is a lot of focus on self-defense these days, which is valid.  We don’t live in a perfect world.  I am 5’5” woman and weigh 118 pounds.  I can pack a hell of a punch, but in reality I probably have no chance in any hand-to-hand combat situation.

It’s important to know how to defend yourself.  I believe that the more you know about a gun the safer you will be.  If we could go back in time and remove all weapons it might be a better world.  Without that option it’s important to be realistic about the world we live in.


BCSC: What would you tell others who think shooting is not for them?  

RLA: It might not be, but how would you know.  I think most people are either afraid of the weapons or afraid of the people that have weapons so they check out early.  It’s a mistake.  The more you know about something the better equipped you are to deal with it.  What I also find weird is how many people go out and just buy a gun because they think they are fulfilling a need.  Gun ownership is only as good as how well you understand your weapon and can use it.


As you can see….Rachel hardly fits into the stereotype put forward by some in media / pop culture about us Gun Owners. We see a LOT of people just like her that come into our store. The purpose of this blog series is NOT political in nature. What we are attempting to achieve is to ‘re-define gun ownership in America.’ Too many people would have you believe that ‘only the whackos need guns!’  What we are saying here is simple, “Gun ownership is becoming more and more mainstream and Gun Ownership is a very AMAZING part about being an American!”

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