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Sionics Weapons Systems is a small company that manufactures several variations of top quality AR-platform rifles.  We were first introduced to Sionics Weapons Systems at the 2013 SHOT Show. We were so impressed with the quality and construction of these rifles that we placed our first order right there. As many of you surely remember, January was the height of the “panic buying” that would ultimately last for several months. Our first shipment of Sionics rifles was delivered to our Lakewood retail store several months later.  We received them on a Friday and all were sold by that Sunday. Fast forward a few months and the market has mostly normalized. We have just received another shipment of these excellent rifles, including the Patrol Rifle II Pro.

So, what makes Sionics a top quality rifle? Sionics manufactures nearly every part that goes into their final product. Their employees have backgrounds in manufacturing and engineering, and each rifle is hand built by a Master Gunsmith. Every firearm undergoes a rigorous 21 point quality inspection, and every rifle is test fired to ensure reliability, function and accuracy.  The barrel blanks are made from MIL-B-11595E Certified (41V50 CMV) Steel, and the bores and chambers are hard chromed. Each and every barrel is 100% x-ray and magnetic particle inspected (MPI) by an independent ANSI certified facility.

The Sionics bolts are made from Carpenter 158® Steel, by a manufacturer that is a current contractor/supplier to the US Department of Defense (DOD). Each bolt is high pressure tested and MPI inspected. All of the bolt carriers are M16 bolt carriers, also manufactured by a current DOD contractor. The carriers are also Nickel/PTFE plated, creating a permanently lubricious surface which eliminates the need for grease, oil, or any wet lubrication.

The triggers are precision cut, ground and polished from tool steel stock, with geometry that allows for a short pull with a crisp break and short, positive reset. Each single-stage trigger is factory set at a 4.5 pound pull.

What does all of this mean? It means that these rifles are durable, reliable and dependable. In the right hands, they will shoot sub-MOA groups. They are hand made in the US by Master Gunsmiths, and fully inspected and test-fired. To find out more about these top quality rifles, take a look at the Sionics website or come down to our Lakewood retail store. We have the Patrol II Pro rifles in stock for anyone who wants to get a closer look or feel for one of these rifles.  We also have one available to rent at our indoor shooting range so you can “try before you buy.”  If you live out of state, these rifles are available for purchase on our Online Store.  We can ship to any licensed FFL dealer in the United States.


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