Stay informed on Gun Control!

Gun Control will be on the agenda in Colorado and the entire United States. As this ‘conversation’ develops, it is important to stay informed. Many opponents of the 2nd Amendment follow the same talking points. Many of these ‘talking points’ are miss-conceptions or easily argued.

In the wake of last week’s tragedy, MANY came out against the violence, and rightly so. No one wants violence committed against kids or any innocent victim for that matter. Many others now are coming out against those who are using this tragedy to push forward their ‘Gun-Control Agenda!’

Leif Babin, a U.S. Navy SEAL Officer (Lt. Commander) wrote this post. Here is another article, written on PJ Media. Another commissioned officer, this time from the Marines, wrote this on the American thinker. (officers always could write……) Perhaps the best, most in-depth response (that we’ve seen) comes from the Larry Corriea on his blog. He used to be a gun store owner and firearms trainer.  Now he is a professional novelist, which explains why his article is so long and well written. Here is a link to his article. Worth a read, maybe even a couple.

Of course, we all should take a moment to read Wayne LaPierre’s response to this heinous act. The link to his response is here. In it, he makes the argument for armed security at school. We protect politicians and jewelry by putting ‘good guys with guns’ around them. He suggests we do the same w/ something even more precious: our children.

We’ll keep the articles coming. As gun owners, we need to remain informed and vigilant. The freedom is ours to protect. As responsible gun owners, we also need frequent firearms training and should use a local shooting range to keep our skills sharp!

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