The New Face of Gun Ownership in America: Part 1

Today, we are beginning a blog series entitledThe New Face of Gun Ownership in America.” This will be an ongoing and multi part series here at the BluCore Shooting Center Blog.

The purpose of this new blog series is simple: we are trying to ‘re-define gun ownership in America!’  The idea came to us not long ago.  We noticed that more and more of our customers didn’t ‘fit’ into the stereotypical mold of who owns, shoots, or carries a firearm. Too many ‘gun control advocates’ try to paint gun ownership into a bad light. Most of you all know it’s not true. There is a myth perpetuated by those who don’t want us to have guns that gun owners are ‘hicks’, ‘rednecks’, or just plain ‘paranoid.’ We are doing our part to try and change that myth!

Gun ownership is at an all time high.  Violent crime and even crimes committed with a firearm are at a low. The correlation is not a coincidence. It’s proof. We recently blogged about this correlation. Check out the link here for more information.  Responsible gun ownership reduces crime. (Our forefathers were pretty smart!). 

Over the next few months we’ll be doing more articles about this topic. We’ll also be doing a series of ‘shooter profiles’ and videos. All of them will come back to our central point or thesis, there is a “New face of gun ownership in America!”

The BluCore Shooting Center has already ‘re-defined the firearms experience.’ Now, we are trying to ‘re-define gun ownership in America.’  So stay tuned!!

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