The New Face of Gun Ownership in America: Part 2

Welcome to the 2nd installment of our “New Face of Gun Ownership in America” series. As mentioned previously, we are very excited about this blog series and we hope you will read it and foreword to those people you know who have an incorrect stereotype of the ‘gun owner in America.’

Today’s topic is about stereotypes. All too often we believe in myths or stereotypes that are perpetuated by those who don’t really even know what they are talking about.

Gun ownership has been on a dramatic rise for awhile. Along with a rise in that ownership, we’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of concealed carry permits as well as firearms training options. During this period of increased gun ownership, our nation has enjoyed a decrease in violent crimes as well as crimes committed w/ a firearm. As pointed out in an earlier blog here, many in the public have a perception of an increase in gun crime. Thankfully, that record has been set straight. For an interesting read about violent crime, gun crime and gun ownership please click here.

With gun ownership increasing at this rate, and our population moving more and more to urban areas, it is safe to say that the “face of the average gun owner” has changed. It is true, in days past, firearms were primarily owned, carried and used by either law enforcement, hunters or people in more rural areas.  Nowadays, more and more ‘soccer moms, bankers, doctors, accountants, investment advisors, coaches and lawyers purchase, train with, and carry firearms.

In spite of all this, many of those who disagree w/ our 2nd Amendment would have you believe that is some how uncivilized to own, carry or train with firearms.  A myth of ‘the gun owner as simpleton’ is perpetuated by politicians, media personalities and Hollywood stars (some of who are famous for starring in roles in which they carry / use firearms….?).

The Gun Owner of today does not fit into the stereotype that ‘non-shooters’ or ‘gun control advocates’ would have you believe. Yes, there are still plenty of hunters, sportsmen, competitive shooters, law enforcement officers and others that shoot, train with, and use firearms but they are no longer the majority.

So don’t fall for the myth. Gun ownership is not just for those who are paranoid. It’s for anyone interested in learning something new, having a fun hobby, enjoying a right bestowed upon us by our forefathers, or just plain self-defense.

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