The New Face of Gun Ownership in America: Part 3

Thanks for tuning into our blog. Today, we are going to continue with our series “The New Face of Gun Ownership in America.” It’s a very exciting project for us. Our purpose is simple, we are trying to ‘re-define gun ownership in America!’

As we have discussed in past articles, the amount of people who: (1) own, (2) carry or (3) train with firearms has risen dramatically over the last couple years. We see it every day at our range/store. People who may not have purchased guns or came to a gun range in the past are doing so now…in droves!

Today’s topic is ‘why.’ “What is the reason behind this dramatic increase in firearms ownership in America?”

There are probably a LOT of answers to this question. A big part of this answer has to be fear. That fear is typically caused by anti-second amendment rhetoric coming from our elected officials. We’ll never know for sure just how much gun ownership has increased in the past couple years, but we know that it has risen. Fear of not being able to buy them is a big part of it.

Recreational shooting has risen too. More of us are finding that shooting can be a really fun and rewarding pass time.  Plus, it usually doesn’t take as long as a round of golf! Few things are as ‘stress relieving’ as unloading a magazine into a zombie target after a long & stressful day. Few things are as empowering as learning how to proficiently handle a firearm…regardless of your background.  We see it all the time, especially with our women’s groups.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a hobby that could save your life!  Many of us here at the BluCore Shooting Center have gotten a lot of training on how to defend ourselves against attackers / aggressors. This includes training w/ things other than firearms. But, the firearm is still the BEST option. Nothing works quite as well against a bigger & stronger attacker, a group of attackers and especially an armed attacker….even if you have ‘hand to hand training.’ Check out this video from NRA Commentator (and former team-mate) Dom Raso.

Gun ownership is growing. What are some other reasons you think it’s increasing?

Thanks for tuning in. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day.



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