Time to Get Tactical!

What time is it?  Time to get tactical in our Tactical AR class coming up this Wednesday and Thursday!

If you have taken our AR Fundamentals class and you’re ready to kick things up a notch, then it’s time for BluCore’s Tactical AR class!  In this class we will review the basics from our AR Fundamentals class and then build upon them.  You’ll be introduced to the basics of tactical AR shooting.  These skills and drills are in use by Special Operations, Law Enforcement, and competitive shooters.  Some of the drills covered in this course include engaging multiple targets, transition drills, combat & tactical reloads, strong/support hand shooting and shooting while moving!

This course is 6 hours long, spread out over 2 evenings (Dec 12 & 13), and includes a brief classroom period along with substantial range time.  Obviously, previous firearms experience is necessary!  Students will need to have taken our BluCore AR Fundamentals class (or a similar course of instruction).  Each student will need his/her AR Platform rifle along with approximately 500 rounds of ammunition (bring your own or purchase our range ammo). Students will need a sling, magazine pouches and at least 3-4 magazines. Also necessary will be a pistol, 1 magazine, holster, and the ability to carry all of the above!

Important:  Our ammo policy is NO steel core, steel or aluminum cased ammo, Russian or Wolf ammo.  We recommend that you run a magnet over your ammo before bringing it to the range.  If the magnet sticks, the ammo is not allowed on our range.

To learn more about BluCore, check out our Website and our Online Store.  We offer a variety of firearms training classes including pistol training, rifle training, and more!  We also have an online gun store with guns, gear, and ammo for sale.

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