BluCore Gunfighter Test

What Is It?

The BluCore Gunfighter Test is a class in which the students are competing against our instructors drill times. This course is comprised of a variaty of popular pistol drills that the students will shoot. The time standards for each drill are our instructors average repeatable times for each drill. Each Gunfighter student will run the drill and see where their time stacks up with our instructors.

Sample of Drills In the Course:

– VTAC Chaos

– 22422 Drill

– El Prez

– Bill Drill

Plus many more!


Benefits of the Course:

– See where you stack up with your skills.

– Get performance tips and tricks from the instructors.

– Gain new drills and techniques to practice.

– Have fun! This course is designed for it!


This course is very advanced. You must be comfortable shooting fast, and drawing from the holster. Pistol 2 is a required prerequisite for this test/course.