Trikos and Warrior Dog Foundation Merchandise Available!

We are proud to announce that we are now selling both Trikos and Warrior Dog Foundation merchandise on the BluCore Online Store! Both organizations are founded, owned, and operated by a good friend and former team-mate, Mike Ritland.

Trikos is a veteran-owned business that offers customized private-protection dogs with the same training as the dogs that serve alongside the Navy SEAL teams. They train each dog specifically for a single client or family so it can support and protect you in the places you need it most – at home, in public, or at your side during travel. (Check out their website here.)

Warrior Dog Foundation helps to transition dogs from an operational environment into our state-of-the-art kennel facility.  They strive to educate the public on the importance of K-9s in the combat environment, and showcase the level of sacrifice these dogs give in support of our troops.  They care for each individual SOF K-9 with dignity and grace, including both mental and physical rehabilitation for the rest of their lives.

Its a great charity and a great way to support those dogs who have saved countless lives of those of us who have gone overseas.

Mike Ritland was recently featured on 60 minutes; he is the founder of both of these great organizations!

We are selling Trikos shirts online, as well as Warrior Dog Foundation shirts. We even have a ‘product‘ on our store that allows people to contribute DIRECTLY to the Warrior Dog Foundation! (Click here to donate.)


P.S.  For a great read, check out Mike’s book, Trident K9 Warriors.  “This book gives readers an inside look at these elite canines—who they are, how they are trained, and the extreme missions they undertake saving countless lives, asking for little in the way of reward.”

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