BluCore Unorthodox Gunfighting

Unorthodox Gunfighting

Our unique class is approximately 4 hours long, and taught in our range, after a safety briefing. In this class, we will discuss unconventional shooting positions, movements, clearing techniques, and the most important thing: the reasons behind the tactics.

This pistol course is geared towards active shooting positions and techniques, providing you with the skills needed in an emergency situation. Each new skill you will learn with repetition and practical testing. It’s important to test new skills while under simulated stress to imprint long lasting muscle memory. The course is taught by SEAL, special operations and other trainers covering highly advanced skills. There will be a very high volume of shooting in this course.  Lunch will be provided.

Requirements: Intermediate to expert shooter. Bring: Your pistol and pistol Kydex holster (no inside the waistband), 3-5 pistol magazines, magazine pouch (double magazine pouch recommended), 500+ rounds of ammunition (speed loader recommended). While this class is geared towards people who carry or train with firearms, it is just as stimulating for experienced shooters who don’t carry firearms every day.

Price: $250

Cancellations: If unable to attend a scheduled training class, participants must cancel via this contact form or by phone. If a participant cancels before a scheduled class, or they miss a class without prior notice, they will be refunded 40% of the class. Students that give us notice can be rotated into the next available class. * Under extreme circumstances can a full refund be issued, approved by training management*.

What Our Customers Say

Excellent drills! Class ran at a very good pace. I enjoyed it all. Loved the smaller class size, and the information taught!

Everything was great! I liked that the class went over many different topics, but also reviewed things from earlier classes.

I have taken this class three times and still have learned new things! Great class size as well!