Victim or Heroine?

Natalie Foster created the Girl’s Guide to Guns website to show other ladies just how fun, challenging and addictive shooting can be.  She has become a well-known figure in the firearms industry and is now one of the new NRA commentators who are providing a fresh voice for our Second Amendment rights.  In Natalie’s latest video, she comments on how she feels the President and the media often paint women as victims, and by “celebrating” the victim status, they perpetuate the cycle of victimization.  Instead of doing that, why aren’t women who excel in shooting sports, or those who have used firearms to protect themselves and others, promoted as role models by the media?

I think a great case in point is the incident where a San Antonio shooting suspect opened fire in a restaurant and then ran across the street into a theater where he attempted to shoot more people.  “Garcia was finally stopped by an off-duty Bexar County Sheriff’s Department officer who was working security at the theater. Officials said the officer, Sgt. Lisa Castellano, heard the gunfire inside the theater and ran towards the sound of the shooting to find out what was going on. Sgt. Castellano spotted Garcia coming out of a bathroom with his gun drawn and fired at him, shooting him four times.”  Read the full story here.

I am referencing this story via the Snopes website because it attempts to explain why this newsworthy story did not get national coverage.  Wouldn’t the President want to highlight a courageous person, a woman no less, who faced personal danger in order to save others?  This incident took place just a few short months after the Aurora theater shooting.  This sounds like media “gold” to me!  Oh, wait…it’s not “newsworthy” because a gun was used in preventing additional casualties and that doesn’t work with the media’s or the President’s agenda.  At least people in her hometown recognized her courage and awarded her with a Medal of Valor for her efforts in stopping the gunman at the scene of the shooting.

Ladies, just because some people try to push a “woman=victim” mentality on you, doesn’t mean you have to accept it.  You CAN defend yourself.  You CAN change your mindset from unaware to prepared.  You CAN be a positive role model for other women and girls in your community.  Be a responsible gun owner.  Learn and follow gun safety rules religiously.  Train often so that muscle memory will kick in if you ever need to defend yourself.  Sgt. Castellano said it best when she stated, “I’m not going to lie; it was frightening.”  “But, you know, the training kicks in. And thank you to the sheriff’s office for all of the training that we’re given.”

The good news is that you don’t have to work for a law enforcement agency to get great training.  BluCore Shooting Center offers a wide variety of classes that will give you the confidence to defend yourself in a variety of situations.

Combat Mindset – In this class, we discuss the attitude that must be learned and adopted in order to prevent, prepare for, and react to potentially threatening situations.  We discuss the proper attitude or “mindset” as applied to everyday life, carrying concealed (if you so choose) and how to apply this mindset to home defense.

Prepared Woman – This class teaches women the essential aspects of keeping themselves out of harm’s way and basic defensive techniques for encountering a direct threat.  Women in this class will learn how to identify and avoid compromising situations, techniques for maintaining and improving situational awareness, and basic defensive use of tools such as mace/pepper-spray, taser, knife, and a firearm.

Blucore Pistol I – Learn the fundamentals of pistol shooting.  This class will give you a solid foundation to build upon.  Women-only classes available.

Concealed Carry Pistol – Learn all the rules & regulations related to carrying concealed, find out about the variety of concealment holsters, plus get actual live fire experience drawing from concealment.

These classes are just a small sample of the classes offered at BluCore Shooting Center and our new Black Site facility.  We also offer Tactical Knife Options, Home Defense, and BluCore Pistol II and III.  We hope you will join us for one or more of these classes.  You don’t have to live your life in fear; just live your life aware and prepared.


To learn more about BluCore, check out our Website and our Online Store.  We offer a variety of firearms training classes including pistol training, rifle training, and more!  We also have an online gun store with guns, gear, and ammo for sale.

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