What’s wrong with HB13-1224 & HB13-1229?

As we have mentioned earlier this week, there are some very important pieces of legislation being discussed this week. These proposed bills (HB13-1224 & HB13-1229) are being discussed in committee TODAY by a few of our elected officials. We have already written about this and posted their contact links. If you haven’t already done so, please contact ALL of them.

Both of these will drastically infringe on YOUR right as a responsible gun owner to ‘keep and bear arms.’ Both of these proposed bills MUST be defeated.

HB13-1224 is a bill banning the manufacturing / sale of high capacity magazines. This bill would limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds or less. This bill will not prevent additional firearms related crime. It will only inhibit our ability as law abiding citizens to defend ourselves against armed or numerically superior attackers. Why is this? We’ll elaborate (we speak from experience on this one…..)

  • Similar to a combat situation (which we are VERY familiar with), a self defense situation will greatly raise your adrenaline and heart rate. It takes YEARS to be able to quickly relax and execute the fine motor skills necessary to take a few well aimed shots in these situations. Even after years of firearms training, the first few times you find yourself in a close proximity gun fight, your adrenaline and heart rate are extremely elevated. When you are under this stress, you quickly loose your fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are needed to maintain proper sight alignment and trigger squeeze (the 2 most important fundamentals of shooting). The average citizen can NOT be expected to be able to control their fine motor skills should they face a situation like this. By limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds or less, our elected officials are infringing on YOUR ability to protect yourself against an armed attacker, stronger attacker or numerically superior attackers. This applies both in your home and while out and about. It’s that simple! Even after multiple engagements with an enemy DETERMINED to kill you, it still takes awhile to be able to control your emotions and thereby your fine motor skills to the point that you can adequately defend yourself (and team mates) with a few well placed shots. The average law abiding gun owner does not have this experience or opportunity to train for hours and hours at the shooting range. In the event the average gun owner is faced with a situation that calls for self defense with a firearm, this person will likely miss a few times. It’s just human nature. Further more, it almost ALWAYS takes more than 1-2 shots to stop a violent attacker. By limiting the amount of ammo we can carry, our representatives are LIMITING OUR ABILITY TO DEFEND OURSELVES and OUR FAMILIES!

HB13-1229 is a bill banning the private sale of firearms. This bill would require all sales / transfers of firearms to be subject to back ground checks. This bill would prevent the sale / transfer of firearms between friends and family members. This is an infringement on your rights as an American.  Why? See below……

  • Some in congress are using the term ‘universal background checks’ to create confusion & quickly pass this bill. To some, this seems harmless.  After all, what is the big deal? The bottom line is this: any system that criminalizes private firearms transfers (between grandparents and grandchildren, parents to children, or just between friends) is a direct infringement on your rights. The ONLY way to enforce this would be to create a national registry of gun owners and the guns they own. If HISTORY is a guide, we KNOW that registering all gun owners is one step down a slippery slope to TYRANNY. If it is our RIGHT to keep and bear arms, why do our elected officials think they need to know who all practices this right? When you buy a firearm at our gun store or online gun store, you will need to pass a background check before the transfer is complete. That is something that we, and other gun shops are very strict about. But to make this a requirement for private firearms transfers is just absurd! Ourselves and other gun shops would likely BENEFIT from universal background checks. To enforce this, private individuals would have to go to gun stores w/ FFLs to complete these transfers. In spite of all that, we are STILL AGAINST any bill that would require such checks.

Both HB13-1224 & HB13-1229 are direct infringements on your right to keep and bear arms as well as your inherent, God Given, RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE! Furthermore, they will only be followed by those who don’t break the law anyway.

  • Criminals will NOT exchange their HIGH CAPACITY magazines for magazines holding 10 rounds or less.
  • Criminals will NOT register their firearms or give each other background checks before handing out firearms for an armed robbery of your house.

As we’ve written before, the answer is simple. Enforce the laws you have. Don’t make new laws that only infringe on the rights of those who follow the law. Allow citizens to arm themselves and crime will fall. Feel free to use our talking points when contacting your elected officials!!

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