Why do we have a Second Amendment anyway?

In recent weeks, we (and many others) have done our fair share of writing about Second Amendment related issues.  In the buildup of the recent legislation in Colorado, we tried to convey a variety of sound reasons why more gun control was a bad idea. For one, we thought that HB 1224 was too vague.  We also pointed out a prime example of how more gun laws led to more crime in one state.  In one specific post, we pointed out a variety of reasons for being against these new and restrictive Colorado gun laws.

Thankfully, a couple of the more restrictive bills were dropped from the argument. Unfortunately, a few restrictive gun laws did pass. Starting in July, Colorado will have some of the most restrictive firearms laws in the United States. We have effectively joined the ranks of California and Massachusetts. Now, Colorado residents looking at buying firearms and magazines will be forced to find ‘Colorado legal’ items! (This is very odd in our opinion, especially after legalizing non-medicinal use of Marijuana…but that’s a different topic for a different day!)

The assault on our Second Amendment isn’t over. Gun control legislation at a national level is once again front page news.  For a summary of these newly proposed laws, please check out the NRA ILA website.

Just last week, a very informative survey was published. The survey contains information that gun control advocates do NOT WANT YOU TO SEE.  In essence, a large survey was conducted asking law enforcement officers how they felt on a variety of issues.  Needless to say, most Law Enforcement Officers surveyed did not think very favorably of ‘banning assault rifles’ or ‘high capacity magazines’.  Sorry, Mayor Bloomberg!

Now that the argument has once again resumed, we feel it prudent to ‘tackle’ what some would consider a very touchy subject:  Why do we really have a Second Amendment? For whatever reason (mostly for control), this right that is guaranteed by the Constitution seems to require the most constant defense. We don’t spend nearly as much time defending our right to free speech or other rights in the Bill of Rights.

(Warning:  In discussing this, you might be accused of being an alarmist / conspiracy theorist or simply CRAZY!) The real reason we have a 2nd Amendment is to ensure that the populace is not subject to a tyrannical government…either our own or another. The REAL reason this was so clearly written is because our founders wanted to ensure an armed populace. They knew that any such citizenry would be MUCH less likely to be subjected to tyranny.

We do NOT have a 2nd Amendment so that we can all have a concealed carry permit. We do NOT have a 2nd Amendment so we can all attend shooting competitions or pistol ranges for recreation. We do NOT have a 2nd Amendment so we can go hunting. The next time a politician tells you, “I’ve met with sportsmen’s groups while considering this legislation.” You can bluntly (and politely) retort, “Where in our 2nd Amendment does it mention hunting exactly?” Shooting sports, hunting (recreation), and self-defense are all BENEFITS of us having this amazing constitutional right, but they are not the true purpose of us having it. So if someone tells you, “You should be able to defend yourself with 10 rounds,” you can reply, “The 2nd Amendment is NOT about self-defense!”

Firearms make our country unique. Very few things are as American as firearms. Guns are woven into the fabric of our culture and are a part of our rugged individualism. They make us so much different from other countries. Rather than being subject to our leaders, they are subject to US! Our founders KNEW that if the populace was armed, it was MUCH less likely for our (or other) governments to be tyrannical towards them. Even Ghandi (the quintessential pacifist) recognized the importance of having an armed citizenry. On page 446 of his autobiography he addresses this issue. The British disarmed India which eventually led to them being able to control the populace and the populace NOT being able to defend themselves against tyranny. Of course, many in the media or on the other side of this argument simply say this is not true.

We happen to live in a country in which the PEOPLE rule the government, not the other way around. We have our own ‘Million Man Army’ by way of a well-armed citizenry. In fact, many surveys would put that number much higher. This makes governments (ours or others) much less likely to become tyrannical towards us. After all, if necessary (and we hope it never is), we are prepared to defend ourselves in the best manner possible. This is something our Founding Fathers understood.

Many say it is ludicrous to suggest that our own country will ever do anything tyrannical or oppressive to the populous. After all, we’ve existed for almost 250 years as a nation and have not had to worry about overt tyranny since our inception. Don’t you think that has SOMETHING TO DO with the fact that we are ARMED? Our government does take more from us each and every day (a fact we are all reminded of on a day like today).

Although no politician would ever admit to it, many elected officials want to disarm us. We’ll be a much more controllable group of people. They claim it’s about protecting the innocent or to help ensure public safety. If it was really a matter of public safety, wouldn’t they spend more time worrying about other things that kill LOTS more people than guns such as hammers, knives, hands/feet/body parts, vehicles, and medical malpractice? If it was really about protecting the innocent, wouldn’t they be more concerned about the number of abortions performed each year? When they tell us what is best for us, we must ask, “What gives you the right?” Here is a link to a great video by a friend and former teammate: “Former SEAL has message for Mayor Bloomberg.”

Let’s look at this from a strategic perspective. Don’t look at this through the 2013 lens; let’s add 50 years. Each and every day many of our freedoms get eroded. What is possible by 2063? What will our government (or other governments or governmental organizations, i.e. the UN) be doing if the freedoms we have get fewer and fewer each day? Can we not at least admit that tyranny is possible? If we still have firearms….it will be less likely.

The member nations of the UN didn’t fight for these freedoms. Our Founding Fathers and millions of patriotic Americans since did. They fought and died for them. Why would we even be concerned with what the UN or other nations think about us being armed? Of course they don’t want us armed. Of course they don’t want us to be exceptional. Why would they? They want us to be more in line with them. (The obvious hypocrisy isn’t worth being discussed here…)

What is the first thing our nation (or another) would do to help another nation overthrow a tyrannical government? WE ARM THE POPULACE! It’s very simple. We already represent the most armed populace on the planet which makes us by default the least likely to experience tyranny. Let’s keep it that way. Don’t get lost in the argument about magazine size. It’s not about 15 rounds vs. 30 rounds.  It’s simple: if the cops have it, so should we. Any nation in which the cops are more heavily armed than the citizenry is a police state!

In summary, we have a 2nd Amendment to prevent tyranny. This is a very difficult topic for most of us. Often, you will be ridiculed when discussing it. But use some of our points here. Why else would we have this right? Why did our forefathers know we needed this right? Was it about hunting, sporting or even concealed carry?  Or was it about prevention of tyranny. Think about it.

You may be asking, “What can I do?”  The answer is simple: contact your representatives and senators TODAY! Let them know that you are not in favor of restrictive, nationwide anti-gun rights legislation! Point out that you agree with the vast majority of law enforcement officers. Also, remember this the next time we vote for our elected officials. Hold politicians accountable for how they voted and encourage those you know to do the same. Stay informed on the issues. Don’t be a ‘low information voter’ like so many others. Know both sides of the argument. Have solid reasoning why you are on this side and have the courage and ability to clearly articulate why you are on that side. You can also join the conversation on social media. Just recently a senator launched a very cool twitter hash tag and campaign. Check out the article on National Review discussing Senator Lee’s new movement to protect our 2nd Amendment.

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