Why do we have the 2nd Amendment?

This is another question that has come up a LOT lately. “Why do we have the right to Keep and Bear Arms?”  Some would say it’s for self defense. Some point to ‘hunting.’ Still others would say to prevent tyrannical governments from taking over.

Today, we will address the last point, prevention of tyranny. This is one of the most difficult points to argue. When / if you say it, it almost always comes out as if you are a right wing ‘whacko.’

To be more equipped to make this argument, one only needs to look at history……

On April 19, 1775, British troops, some 800 strong, were dispatched to Concord, Massachusetts. They were there to arrest Sam Adams and John Hancock as well to seize a cache of weapons known to be store at Concord. Dr. Joseph Warren sent Paul Revere to warn Pastor Jonas Clark (house where Adams and Hancock were staying) that the British were coming to arrest them as well as seize the guns at Concord.

When the British arrived, they were confronted by a ‘citizen militia.’ A British officer then DEMANDED the men ‘throw down their arms.’ These men refuesed and the British immediately opened fire. Eight of these ‘minutemen’ were killed initially. But the colonists returned fire in self-defense. This became yet another ‘shot hear round the world.’ By the time the British troops arrived at the Concord Bridge, just miles away, several hundreds of colonists were waiting for them w/ their muskets in hand. The rest, as they say is history.

Our country, in it’s founding moments, did NOT throw down their arms. They kept their arms and eventually won their independence from tyranny! If they would have laid down their arms, we’d have become British subjects.

Our founding fathers recognized this fact. To that end, they put an amendment in our Bill of Rights that would guarantee our ‘Right to Keep and Bear Arms.’

There are many that will say that this ONLY applies to muskets or hunting firearms. At the time, it applied to muskets because that was the technology. But what if the colonists only had swords, spears or bow and arrow? If that was the case, they would not have had a chance.

Fast forward to now. It may seem a bridge too far, but it has happened in nations around the world. These nations were once themselves free. Today’s technology is semi-automatic pistol, rifles and high capacity magazines. Confronting an enemy using these w/ ‘hunting rifles’ would be suicide.

Saying that the 2nd Amendment only applies to muskets or old technology is insane. Saying that the founding fathers could not have possibly foreseen the invention of semi-automatic firearms and high capacity magazines doesn’t make any sense either.

Could our founding fathers have foreseen the EXPLOSION of media and communications? Could they have foreseen the invention of TVs, news channels, computers, the internet, social media, etc? Saying that the 2nd Amendment ONLY applies to muskets is like saying the first amendment only applies to the ‘paper and pen’ or ‘late 1770’s printing press.’


Other countries, namely Russia.

President Obama has guaranteed armed security for LIFE.

Make no mistake about it: attempted gun confiscation ignited America’s War for Independence. And I am convinced that Pat Buchanan is absolutely right. If the federal government attempts to confiscate the guns of the American people, “There would be a revolution in this country!”

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