General FAQs

Are you open to the public?

Yes, our entire facility and training classes are available to the public. We also offer a great membership program for those who shoot frequently as a way to save them money.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Mondays from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Tuesday–Friday from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

I am looking for a specific item/firearm. If you don’t have it in stock, can you order it for me?

In some cases, despite our best efforts, it may be impossible to locate a specific firearm. We do have a Special Order program and are happy to try and locate items from our network of distributors, suppliers and manufacturers. In many cases, it is simply a matter of looking for the best price/availability and letting you know how soon we could receive the item and what it would cost. If you decide to purchase, we will take a 50% deposit and sometimes can receive the item in as little as two days. Please call us at 303.988.5587 ext. 201 for more information.

Do you offer gunsmith services?

We currently do not offer gunsmith services on-site, but we have several local gunsmiths we can recommend, depending on the type of work you require. Just give us a call, or ask next time you stop by and we can direct you to someone who can help with your gunsmith work.

I have a firearm I no longer want. Can I trade it in on a different one/will you buy it from me?

We are always happy to consider a firearm for trade in, or in some cases buying outright. Please bring the firearm in (unloaded and safely stored) with all associated accessories and original paperwork and case and we will be happy to discuss options.

Can you help with a firearm transfer?

Yes, we can help with a firearm (FFL) as well as an NFA/Class III transfer. We do not however offer “private party” transfers at this time. Please visit our Transfer page for specific instructions on how to initiate an FFL or NFA transfer.

What are the benefits of being a member at BluCore?

BluCore has the best membership program around. In addition to shooting for free, you will also receive a discount on all regular priced merchandise-including ammunition and firearms! Members are also allowed to reserve lanes and receive discounts on all training, including private instruction. Please visit our Membership page for more information on becoming a member at BluCore.

Do you allow "open carry?"

To help ensure safety, we require that all firearms be secured in a closed case or range bag. We do allow uniformed law enforcement to open carry, and those with concealed carry (CCW) permits may carry concealed until they are at the firing line on the range.

Range FAQs


I am pregnant/have a physical condition. Is it safe for me to shoot?

While we offer a safe and comfortable experience on our ranges, there may be reasons for those with physical conditions or health issues-including pregnancy, to avoid shooting at an indoor range. We recommend you discuss any health concerns with your physician before you visit any indoor range.

What does it cost to shoot at BluCore?
We make sure we are competitive with other local ranges. Please visit our Range Prices page for current pricing information. And visit our Membership page for information on becoming a member at BluCore. Being a member offers great benefits and significantly lowers the cost of shooting for those that like to shoot regularly.
How old does someone have to be to shoot at BluCore?

Children 11 and up may shoot with their parent or legal guardian who will have to read and sign our liability waiver on the minor’s behalf. Adults 18 or older may shoot at BluCore, but you must be 21 or older to rent handguns or buy handgun ammunition.

I have not shot before/I have not shot in a long time. Can I get extra help getting started?

Absolutely. If you are uncomfortable with getting started, or just have questions on how to use the range, etc., just ask for assistance-we are happy to help! We also offer several free classes on firearms safety as well as an introduction to using the ranges for anyone that is new to shooting, or just want to be sure they understand all safety rules and range etiquette.

If I just want to watch someone shoot, do I have to pay to go on the range?

Due to inherent liability, everyone who enters the range area is required to have signed a liability waiver and pay the standard rate. We can, however, make exceptions in special circumstances. Please ask to speak with a manager in these cases.

What do I do if I see unsafe behavior?

Our number one priority at BluCore is safety. We require everyone to follow all safety rules at all times. We ask that customers bring to our attention immediately any unsafe behavior. Customers must obey BluCore staff at all times and we reserve the right to suspend, or permanently revoke, range privileges.

Can I reserve a time to shoot?

Only members are allowed to reserve lanes. For non-members, it is first come, first served. Feel free to call us at 303.988.5587, ext. 202 to check on potential wait times. If you are interested in becoming a member, click here for more membership information.

What ammunition do you allow/do you allow "hand loads?"

You are welcome to bring and shoot your own ammunition as long as it conforms to our ammunition policy. In general, we allow all standard handgun and rifle ammunition, up to .50 BMG, as long as is not steel core, armor piercing, tracer rounds, or any other ammunition that could cause damage to our facility or bullet traps. We do require customers to purchase our ammunition when using our rental firearms for liability and safety purposes. Please click here for more information about our ammo policy.

Can I pick up my brass?
Yes.  We allow customers to collect their brass (only) from behind the firing line.  Customers may may NOT reach in front of the firing line to collect any brass.  We also do not allow anyone to collect brass other than their own.
What guns/caliber of guns am I allowed to shoot at BluCore?

You may shoot any caliber of firearm, up to .50 BMG. As a safety precaution, all ammunition will be checked to ensure it conforms to our ammunition policy. We allow shotguns-with slugs only-unless otherwise approved by range staff. We do not allow black powder, or muzzle load firearms at this time.

Can I bring my bachelor/bachelorette party/group to BluCore?

Absolutely. We offer a number of different ways for groups to have a unique and fun experience. We offer standard group packages, or we can put together a special event that allows you to decide how you want to have fun. Check out our Group Event Page, or give us a call at 303.988.5587 ext. 212 for more information.

Do you allow "rapid fire?"

We allow controlled rapid fire, providing all safety rules are followed and the firearm is safely under control at all times. All rounds must be directed at the targets, and must contact the bullet trap.

Do you allow drawing from a holster?

We do on a limited basis. Each visit you will need to request approval to draw from your holster when you arrive at the range desk so staff can prepare the lane and approve you for holster draw. To help ensure safety, we do not allow drawing from concealment unless under the direct supervision of one of our instructors.

How many people can shoot together as a group?

You may bring as many people as you’d like, but we generally allow a maximum of three people per lane, so larger parties would be spread out to the appropriate number of lanes. However, range staff has the discretion to allow more than three people to share a lane on a case by case basis. Large groups may also consider scheduling a group event. Check out our Group Event page, or call 303.988.5587 ext. 212 for more information.

Do you allow someone from a foreign country to shoot at BluCore?

Our policy is that as long as you have an appropriate photo ID (i.e. passport, etc.), can communicate well enough to read, understand and sign our liability waiver and understand and conform to all safety rules you will be allowed to shoot.  You must present a recognized legal identification. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please just ask one of our staff for help.

I have a medical marijuana prescription-can I shoot at BluCore?

While we respect Colorado state law and do not wish to offend any of our customers, for safety reasons we cannot allow anyone who is under, or who appears to be under, the influence of alcohol, or any drug, to shoot at our facility. Regardless of whether the potential substance is legal under state law or not.

I do not own a gun. Can I still shoot at BluCore? Do you rent guns?

Of course!  We offer close to 100 firearms, eye protection and ear protection for rent and have everything you need to shoot.  Many of our customers started out without owning a firearm and used our rental fleet to help decide on their first gun purchase. If you are new to shooting, or it has just been awhile, let us know. We will make sure you get started off on the right foot! Visit our firearm rental page for more information on pricing and what firearms we have for rent.

What are your range rules?
Safety is our number one priority! Please click here to review our general and range safety rules and policies.