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BluCore Rifle I

The BluCore Rifle I class teaches weapons awareness, ready positions, and shooting fundamentals specific to the AR platform rifle.  This fundamental level class lays the groundwork for further AR training and is a prerequisite for our Rifle II class.  The class is approximately 3 hours in length including both classroom and range time, and will cover basic firearms safety rules, weapons awareness, ready positions, and the fundamentals of shooting an AR.

BluCore Rifle II

The BluCore Rifle II class introduces students to tactical rifle shooting.  We briefly review the basics from our Rifle I class and then expand upon them.  Students will begin drills from the high/low ready positions incorporating sling work.  We will also cover engaging multiple targets, transition drills, combat & tactical reloads, strong/support hand shooting, and shooting while moving!  This course is approximately 3-1/2 hours long, and includes a brief classroom period along with substantial range time.

BluCore Rifle III

The BluCore Rifle III class is for the advanced tactical rifle shooter.  In this class students will quickly review the primary learning objectives from Rifle II and then we will expand upon them.  This course will cover new tactical rifle skills such as use of barricades and atypical shooting positions.  Students will complete most drills with the rifle, but will also be transitioning to the pistol.  Drills in this course include: engaging multiple targets, combat & tactical reloads, strong/support hand shooting, shooting while moving, use of barricades, shooting from atypical positions, and shooting while under stress of time or physical stress.  This course is approximately 3 hours long and includes a brief classroom portion and 2+ hours on the range.  In order to maximize range time, this class is limited to eight participants.  As in Rifle II, the lead instructor is a veteran of the US Special Operations Community.

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