Close Quarter Battle/Home Defense

BluCore is proud to announce our Close Quarter Battle 1 and 2 classes (CQB). We will provide the students with information and basic techniques to use while clearing rooms and hallways. Designed around single person room entries, we will give you techniques based on our Special Operations and Combat Veteran experience.

BluCore Basic Trauma

BluCore’s Basic Trauma class is geared towards those with little to no medical training or background, and provides the student with critical, need-to-know information, based on an individual trauma kit, to save you or someones life. Taught by a former Firefighter and EMT, this course is 3 hours in length with classroom work to include slide presentations, videos, question and answer sessions and hands-on demonstrations. All training aids and equipment will be provided.  In addition to the skills learned, we will cover what should be in a good trauma kit, and the different options available from reputable companies.


Legal Aspects of Gun Ownership

Our Legal Aspects of Gun Ownership class will be of interest to anyone that already has, or is thinking of applying for, their Colorado Handgun Permit (CHP), as well as anyone that currently owns a firearm, or is considering owning a firearm.  This class was developed to help all firearm owners fully understand the legal liabilities associated with owning a firearm.

This class is led by an active duty, local police officer with over 36 years of experience in law enforcement who has worked Special Operations, K-9, Patrol, and Investigations.  This class will cover a variety of relevant topics, but most importantly Colorado State law and when it is appropriate to apply deadly force.  This class is approximately 2 hours long and takes place in the classroom.

BluCore Defensive Shotgun Fundamentals

Our Defensive Shotgun Fundamentals course teaches weapon awareness, ready positions and the fundamentals of employing a shotgun in a defensive or tactical situation. This includes tactical reloads, combat reloads, as well as ammo management and shotgun setup.  Three hours in length including classroom and range time, we will cover how to load, fire, and reload a shotgun in a tactical manner.  We will also review basic firearms safety, our Shotgun fundamentals of shooting, different ready positions and much more.  The skills and fundamentals learned in the classroom will be reinforced on the range with real world drills.

Situational Awareness

Our Situational Awareness Class is approximately 2 hours long, and is held entirely in our classroom.  In this class, we discuss how to prepare for, prevent, and react to, potentially threatening situations that could be encountered at any time and in any place.  We discuss the proper attitude or mindset to apply to your everyday life, and how to apply this mindset to home defense.

Complimentary Firearms Safety Class

Our Complimentary Firearms Safety Class is approximately 60 minutes in length and takes place in our classroom.  With a focus on beginner firearms safety relevant to both adults and children.  This class can be part of the process of teaching children what to do if they encounter a firearm when an adult is not present.  This class is especially beneficial to prospective and new firearm owners.  This class is free, and attendance is offered on a first come, first served basis.  All of our complimentary training classes are offered on the last Saturday of every month.

Complimentary Shooting Range Introduction

This complimentary class is designed to introduce people to the many benefits that BluCore has to offer and to explain to new and prospective shooters range safety and etiquette.  The class is approximately 45-60 minutes long and will include tips on getting the most out of BluCore’s many resources.  This class is free, and attendance is offered on a first come, first served basis.  All of our complimentary training classes are offered on the last Saturday of every month.