Surefire Rep at BluCore on April 9th!

For those of you who may not know, Surefire is a leader in the flashlight and weapon light industry.  Surefire products are used throughout our military and law enforcement community.  On April 9th, Surefire will be at BluCore Shooting Center from 1:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. with a plethora of lights to check out, as well as AR15 rifles with suppressors!

We will have the PWS MK114, MK214, and Daniel Defense MK18 with lights and suppressors on the range for you to test fire during this time! There will be no range fee if you are there just to test fire these rifles; but you will need to purchase ammo from the range to run through the rifles.

BluCore is conducting our Low Light Pistol class the same evening, April 9, from 6-8pm.  The Low Light class is a great class for anyone who uses, or plans to use, a pistol for defensive purposes – inside or outside the home.  Most shootings occur in low or no-light conditions.  Don’t put yourself in the position where the first time you have to fire your pistol in the dark is to defend yourself or your family – practice it first in our class!  During the class you will spend time in the classroom learning the pros and cons of a handheld vs. weapon-mounted light as well as learning the different holding options for a handheld light.  Then we will go down to the range and do some shooting with the lights out using either a light of your own or one of our loaners.  Learn the different ways that lights can help you be better prepared for a variety of situations.

People often overlook how great of a tool a flashlight can be.  Come talk to the Surefire rep and the BluCore staff to learn about hand held lights and how they can help you be more prepared for day-to-day situations and also how a light can help you get out of a potentially deadly situation!  Come by April 9th and shoot some suppressed rifles and take the Low Light Pistol class for just $75!

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