Combat Mindset

Many times we are asked, “Where do I start?” or “What’s the first class I should take at BluCore?”  Since we are a gun store and shooting range, many people might assume that we would say NRA Basic Pistol or BluCore Pistol I.  Actually, your most important “defense tool” is your mind, and we think one of the most important classes we offer is Combat Mindset.

We feel that this is an essential class for anyone who leaves their home, which is just about everyone.  Some of the key topics we cover are: Awareness, Attitude, Mindset, Preparation (mental and physical), and De-escalation.

Whether you carry pepper spray, a knife, a gun or nothing at all, you will benefit from this class.  Criminals look for easy targets, so why not reduce your chances of being a target by employing a Combat Mindset?

Click here for more information about the class, the cost, and the next available date.


In case you missed it, one of our employees wrote a blog about a threatening situation he encountered. It’s an interesting read about what went through his head during and after the situation. Those who have taken the Combat Mindset class will see that he employed many of the skills taught in this class.


Combat Mindset class


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