Drill of the Week:  Monday March 3 – FIVES

Shoot a 5” circle from 5 yards, with 5 shots – in 5 seconds or less.

Draw or paste five inch targets on paper or cardboard. Place the target five yards away. From either the low or high ready position, shoot five shots in the circle. All shots must be inside the circle, or break the line of the circle. This drill is best performed with a shot timer, but can be done with a stopwatch – the time standard is 5.0 seconds or less. You are proficient at this drill if you can repeat this five times in a row without a miss.

Click here to watch the drill being performed.

This drill is a good drill for a number of reasons. For someone to be able to complete this drill consistently, they will likely have to be proficient in all of the fundamentals of pistol shooting (take our Pistol I class if you don’t know these). The Fives Drill will also help you determine if you have a gun that you can comfortably and competently handle. If you are unable to complete this drill successfully, increase the size of the circle to six inches, and the time standard to six seconds. Once you can complete the Fives Drill successfully on a regular basis, attempt to do the drill from a holster (if you are qualified and allowed to do so).

Tip – get a good follow-thru after each shot, and don’t break the trigger until you know that you have a good sight picture each time.