Drill of the Week:  Three Shots on Two Dots

Similar to the ‘One shot on one dot’ drill, this drill is a great drill to help us get warmed up, and adds in one more element – transferring to another target.  This drill doesn’t require a lot of ammunition, and there is no time standard.  You should take as much time as necessary for you to shoot very accurate during this drill.  If you are hitting in tight groups, start to speed it up and spread your targets farther apart.  Your targets can be placed in various positions; above and below each other, side by side, or diagonal.  Keep practicing good follow-thru by making sure you get a next sight picture after each shot.  Don’t always go the same direction, ex. left to right – mix it up.  Also, vary the shots, ex. don’t always go one shot, transfer to target – two shots… sometimes start with one shot on first target, sometimes two shots on first target.  Remember, take your finger off the trigger BEFORE your sights come off the target!  Take it slow, this drill is great to learn and reinforce all the fundamentals.

From the high or low ready position, smoothly present the gun to the target, obtain proper sight picture, fire one or two shots, transfer to the next target and fire one or two shots, reacquire sight picture, remove finger from trigger, return to ready position.

Click here to watch video of the drill.